11 Facts About Heavy Gear


Heavy Gear is a mecha science fiction game universe published since 1994 by Canadian publisher Dream Pod 9.

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Heavy Gear is best known for its humanoid combat vehicles – the Gears and Striders used by the military forces in the setting.

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Heavy Gear is set on a distant, fictional planet called Terra Nova around 4,000 Earth Standard Years from now.

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Heavy Gear pilots tend to form a bond with their Gears' ONNets, or at least recognize the efficiency that an experienced ONNet provides; pilots forced to abandon a damaged or disabled Gear often take with them the ONNet unit from beneath their seats.

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Weaponry of the Heavy Gear is usually lighter and less powerful than a main battle tank, as Gears themselves typically weigh only a fifth the weight of a tank.

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Windows 98

Heavy Gear books are notable for their heavily illustrated content.

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Third edition of the Heavy Gear RPG uses a separate Silhouette CORE Rulebook, which is needed for play.

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Heavy Gear Fighter is a stand-alone two-player card game set in the Heavy Gear universe.

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The Tactical Rules line was developed with a greater attention to the control of proportions of the various Heavy Gear designs using computer-aided design illustrations as guides.

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Heavy Gear provided Heavy Gear limited edition resin miniatures through his boutique studio, Minimaniak.

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The second game, Heavy Gear II, was made in 1999 for the Windows 98 operating system.

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