29 Facts About Henry Morgan

1. Henry Morgan was buried in Palisadoes cemetery in Jamaica which was sunk into the sea during the 1692 earthquake that drove the majority of the Port Royal City, the wealthiest and largest city in West Indies, below the waves.

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2. Henry Morgan spent rest of his life peacefully with his wife, on a big plantation.

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3. Henry Morgan was arrested and ordered to return to England where he was stripped of his position in the Navy.

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4. Henry Morgan was a powerful and influential man with many great deeds for England behind him.

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5. At that time, Henry Morgan was the indisputable king of all buccaneers.

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6. Henry Morgan was the daughter of Henry Morgan's uncle, Colonel Edward Morgan, the governor of Jamaica.

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7. Henry Morgan was elected president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1879, the first anthropologist so honored.

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8. Henry Morgan traced the growth of ideas of government, the family, and property.

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9. Henry Morgan went on four field trips to the West, traveling up the Missouri River as far as western Montana, to gather information on kinship terminology and other aspects of culture.

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10. Henry Morgan noticed that the Seneca designate their consanguineous kin in a manner different from that of civilized peoples.

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11. Henry Morgan became interested in the Iroquois of western New York State and undertook a field study of the Iroquois Confederation, especially the Seneca tribe.

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12. Henry Morgan was born around 1635 in Wales, either in Llanrumney, Glamorgan or Pencarn, Monmouthshire.

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13. Henry Morgan was a planner, a brilliant military strategist and intensely loyal to the king, to England and to Jamaica.

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14. In 2001 the Captain Henry Morgan brand was sold to Diageo, the multinational drinks company based in London.

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15. Henry Morgan always fought with a commission from the governor of Jamaica.

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16. Henry Morgan dismissed Molesworth and gave Morgan an unofficial role as advisor.

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17. Henry Morgan admitted he had met the French officials, but indicated that this was diplomatic relations, rather than anything duplicitous.

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18. Henry Morgan took the town and occupied Fort San Lorenzo, which he garrisoned to protect his line of retreat.

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19. Henry Morgan still needed to pass the San Carlos de la Barra Fortress, but was still out-gunned by the stronghold, which had the ability to destroy the privateer fleet if it tried to pass.

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20. Henry Morgan put the Spaniards' offers to his men, who voted instead to fight their way out.

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21. Henry Morgan was told that a Spanish defence squadron, the Armada de Barlovento, was waiting for him at the narrow passage between the Caribbean and Lake Maracaibo, where the San Carlos de la Barra Fortress was sited.

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22. Henry Morgan spent three weeks in the city, ransacking and plundering what he could.

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23. Henry Morgan arrived at Maracaibo to find the city largely deserted, its residents having been forewarned of his approach by the fortress's troops.

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24. Henry Morgan received a five per cent share for his work; Modyford received a ten per cent share, which was the price of Morgan's letter of marque.

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25. Henry Morgan wrote to Don Agustin, the acting president of Panama, to demand a ransom for the city of 350,000 pesos.

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26. Henry Morgan served on the Assembly of Jamaica until 1683 and on three occasions he acted as Governor of Jamaica in the absence of the post-holder.

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27. Henry Morgan raided both cities and stripped them of their wealth before destroying a large Spanish squadron as he escaped.

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28. Henry Morgan became a close friend of Sir Thomas Modyford, the Governor of Jamaica.

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29. Henry Morgan was born in south Wales, but it is not known how he made his way to the West Indies, or how he began his career as a privateer.

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