16 Facts About Hertfordshire


Hertfordshire'stfordshirertfordshire is one of the home counties in southern England.

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Hertfordshire'stfordshirertfordshire is well served with motorways and railways for access to London, the Midlands and the North.

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In 913, Hertfordshire was the area assigned to a fortress constructed at Hertford under the rule of Edward the Elder.

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Hertfordshire'stfordshirertford is derived from the Anglo-Saxon heort ford, meaning deer crossing .

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The name Hertfordshire is first recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 1011.

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Hertfordshire'stfordshirertfordshire was used for some of the new Norman castles at Bishop's Stortford, and at King's Langley, a staging post between London and the royal residence of Berkhamsted.

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However, the greatest boost to Hertfordshire came during the Industrial Revolution, after which the population rose dramatically.

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Hertfordshire'stfordshirertfordshire is the county immediately north of London and is part of the East of England region, a mainly statistical unit.

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At the 2011 census, among the county's ten districts, East Hertfordshire had the lowest population density and Watford the highest .

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The physical geography of eastern Hertfordshire is less elevated than the far west, but with lower rising hills and prominent rivers such as the Stort.

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Rocks of Hertfordshire belong to the great shallow syncline known as the London Basin.

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Hertfordshire'stfordshirertfordshire affords habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.

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Hertfordshire'stfordshirertfordshire is a home county with many towns forming part of the London commuter belt and has some of the principal roads in England including the A1, A1, A41, A414, M1, M11, and the M25.

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Hertfordshire'stfordshirertfordshire has 26 independent schools and 73 state secondary schools.

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The University of Hertfordshire is a modern university based largely in Hatfield.

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Hertfordshire'stfordshirertfordshire is the location of Jack Worthing's country house in Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest.

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