10 Facts About Hollywood Stars


Hollywood Stars were a Minor League Baseball team that played in the Pacific Coast League during the early- and mid-20th century.

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When, after the 1935 season, the Angels doubled the Stars' rent, Lane announced the Stars would move to San Diego for the 1936 season, to become the San Diego Padres.

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Second incarnation of the Hollywood Stars joined the Pacific Coast League in 1909 as the Vernon Tigers.

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The Hollywood Stars became genuine rivals of the Angels, and it was not uncommon for fights between the teams to break out during Angels-Hollywood Stars games.

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Pioneers in broadcasting, the Hollywood Stars televised a home game in 1939 as an experiment, and became the first team to regularly broadcast home games in the late 1940s.

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Hollywood Stars adopted the use of batting helmets in 1949, at the mandate of Branch Rickey, who wanted to popularize the product as a safety precaution and a personal business venture.

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Notable players for the Hollywood Stars include pitcher Rinaldo Ardizoia who, at the time of his death on July 19,2015, was the oldest living former member of the New York Yankees.

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Hollywood Stars moved to Los Angeles with the Mission Reds, and eventually joined the Hollywood Stars' starting rotation before being drafted by the Yankees in 1940.

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Hollywood Stars were mentioned on episode 24 of the fourth season of I Love Lucy.

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Hollywood Stars are mentioned by Officer Ramirez in episode 212:The Big Lift of the radio program Dragnet.

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