15 Facts About Home Alone


Home Alone is a 1990 American Christmas comedy film directed by Chris Columbus and written and produced by John Hughes.

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Home Alone has since been considered one of the best Christmas films.

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Home Alone goes to church and watches a choir perform, and encounters Marley.

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Home Alone was initially set to be financed and distributed by Warner Bros.

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Home Alone turned to Chris Columbus, who had left National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation before shooting started because of a personality clash with starring actor Chevy Chase, who Columbus said treated him "like dirt".

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Hughes gave him the scripts for both Home Alone and Reach the Rock; Columbus chose to direct Home Alone, as he found it funnier and liked the Christmas theme.

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Home Alone added the character to give the story a more serious layer, as well as a more emotional, happier ending.

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Home Alone dropped out after as he would not be paid more for the extended schedule.

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Home Alone was only paid $414, since he did the film as a favor to Hughes.

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Home Alone resented the early unit calls, since they prevented him from starting his day with nine holes of golf as he preferred to do.

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Home Alone's praised the dialogue between Kevin and Marley, as well as the film's final scenes.

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Naomi Barnwell of Roobla said that "Home Alone has all the ingredients that make for a great kids' film".

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Home Alone remains a highly popular Christmas movie in Poland, when it is played on Polsat every Christmas Eve.

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In 2010, Polsat did not play Home Alone, which caused over 90 thousand people to protest on Facebook.

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Films such as Home Alone and Die Hard are very popular at Christmas time in Poland, because they were some of the first Western movies to be released in Poland since the end of communist rule.

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