12 Facts About Houma Louisiana


The largest, Bayou Cane, is an urbanized area commonly referred to by locals as being part of Houma Louisiana, but it is not included in the city's census counts, and is a separate census-designated place.

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Houma Louisiana was rated as an "affordable" city by Demographia's 2013 International Housing Survey.

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The United Houma Nation is recognized by the state of Louisiana, but it has not achieved federal recognition.

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Present-day Houma Louisiana was formed in 1832; the city was incorporated in 1848.

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In 2008 Bill Ellzey, a columnist at Houma Louisiana Today, wrote that area residents were often unaware of the Houma Louisiana city boundaries as the city and parish governments had consolidated.

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In late August 2021 Houma Louisiana was struck by the intense eye-wall of category 4 Hurricane Ida causing widespread damage.

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Swampland around Houma resulted in the area being quite isolated from the rest of Louisiana and the United States well into the 1930.

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Downtown Houma Louisiana has been designated as an historic district and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Local newspaper is The Courier, founded in 1878 as Le Courrier de Houma Louisiana by the French-born Lafayette Bernard Filhucan Bazet.

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Houma Louisiana first published it in four-page, half-French half-English editions.

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In 2014, Houma Louisiana-based Rushing Media merged with Guidry Group, Inc, which had owned the publication since its inception in 1997.

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Houma Louisiana relies mainly on roads and personal vehicles as the main form of transportation.

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