11 Facts About Huangbo Xiyun


Huangbo Xiyun was a disciple of Baizhang Huaihai, and the teacher of Linji Yixuan.


In 842, a prominent government official in Kiangsi province, Pei Xiu, invited Huangbo Xiyun to take up residence at Lung-hsing Monastery.


Pei was an ardent student of Chan and received teachings from Huangbo Xiyun, eventually building a monastery for Huangbo Xiyun around 846, which the master named Huang-po after the mountain where he had been a novice monk.


The record of Huangbo Xiyun is more or less equally split between sermons by the master and question and answer dialogues between the master and his disciples and lay people.


Huangbo Xiyun taught that mind cannot be sought by the mind.


Huangbo Xiyun's teaching on this reflected the Indian concept of the tathagatagarbha, the idea that within all beings is the nature of the Buddha.


Therefore, Huangbo Xiyun taught that seeking the Buddha was futile as the Buddha resided within:.


Huangbo Xiyun was noted for the manner of his teaching, incorporating the hitting and shouting pioneered by Mazu.


The Blue Cliff Record tells the story of the future emperor of China, hiding in the Chan community as a novice monk, receiving slaps from Huangbo Xiyun for questioning why Huangbo Xiyun was bowing to an image of the Buddha.


Three times Linji went to Huangbo Xiyun and three times the only answer he got was a slap.


Huangbo Xiyun taught that "no activity" was the gateway of his Dharma but that.