8 Facts About Ian Somerhalder

1. On December 8, 2010, Ian Somerhalder co-founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), which aims to educate and empower people on how they can positively impact the earth and its creatures.

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2. In October 2012 Ian Somerhalder was cast in the film Time Framed, which had begun filming in Los Angeles.

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3. In 2009, Ian Somerhalder appeared in the movie The Tournament where he played the role of an assassin participating in a lethal competition with other assassins.

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4. In 2004, Ian Somerhalder scored his breakthrough role when he played Boone Carlyle in the hit TV show Lost.

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5. In 2011 Ian Somerhalder visited Savory in Africa and announced he was making a documentary about him with the goal of winning him a Nobel Prize.

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6. In April 2018, Ian Somerhalder was cast in the role of Dr Luther Swann as a series regular in Netflix Vampire drama series V-Wars.

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7. In June 2009, Ian Somerhalder was cast in the role of Vampire Damon Salvatore as a series regular in The CW television drama series The Vampire Diaries.

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8. In the summer of 2000, Ian Somerhalder starred in the short-lived WB series Young Americans, a spin-off of Dawson's Creek.

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