10 Facts About Ice Follies

1. Ice Follies featured novelty acts such as Frick and Frack and Richard Dwyer, who was billed as "Mr Debonair".

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2. Ice Follies produced the first large scale, professional touring show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on.

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3. Ice Follies was featured in the Joan Crawford film, The Ice Follies of 1939, MGM's answer to the popular Sonja Henie films of the time.

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4. In 1946, Ice Follies began co-producing Ice Cycles with Ice Capades.

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5. The Ice Follies were placed within General Ice Shows, Inc.

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6. Ice Follies merged with Holiday on Ice in 1980, operating as a combined show in 1980 and 1981.

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7. The first Disney's World on Ice Follies began touring in 1981.

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8. Disney's World on Ice Follies launched its first international tour in 1986 starting in Japan, had five different touring units by 1988, and changed its name in 1998 to "Disney on Ice Follies".

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9. The first ice show done in conjunction with 20th Century Fox was Anastasia On Ice Follies starting in 1998.

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10. Ice Follies expanded to perform Grease on Ice as early as 1999.

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