10 Facts About Individual psychology


Individual psychology is a psychological method or science founded by the Viennese psychiatrist Alfred Adler.

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Individual psychology's method, involving a holistic approach to the study of character, has been extremely influential in later 20th century counselling and psychiatric strategies.

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Individual psychology laid stress on such areas as hated children, physical deformities at birth, birth order, etc.

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Individual psychology emphasized that individuals themselves can change their lives.

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Individual psychology emphasizes free will and an inborn drive as contributors to current problems people face.

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Individual psychology doesn't believe individuals are victims of their past experiences.

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Individual psychology was often sick as a child, and once he became knowledgeable of death, he decided to become a physician some day.

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Individual psychology became more of a philosopher, social psychologist, and educator.

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Individual psychology stated that individuals aren't just a product of their situations; they are creators of their situations.

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Karl Popper argued that Adler's individual psychology like psychoanalysis is a pseudoscience because its claims are not testable and cannot be refuted; that is, they are not falsifiable.

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