26 Facts About Inga Arvad


Inga Marie Arvad Petersen was a Danish-American journalist who was a guest of Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Summer Olympics and had a romantic relationship with John F Kennedy in 1941 and 1942.


Inga Arvad was a motion picture writer for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1945 and a Hollywood gossip columnist, and from the late 1940s until her death, she was the wife of wealthy cowboy actor and military officer Tim McCoy.


Inga Arvad attended the Columbia School of Journalism in New York and then moved to Washington DC, where she worked as a columnist at the Washington Times-Herald.


Inga Arvad met John F Kennedy in Washington through his sister Kathleen, who was a reporter at the same newspaper.


Inga Arvad was said to have a good "intuitive style of writing" by her editor.


Inga Arvad is thought to be among the few Scandinavians who interviewed Hitler.


Inga Arvad had scooped her colleagues earlier by reporting that Hermann Goring was to marry German actress Emmy Sonnemann.

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Inga Arvad was invited to the wedding and met important Nazis.


In November 1941, while John F Kennedy served as an ensign in the US Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence, he and Arvad began a romantic relationship.


Kennedy was reassigned to a desk job in South Carolina in January 1942, and the relationship with Inga Arvad ended after a few brief encounters.


Kennedy and Inga Arvad knew they were being followed, and in the FBI transcripts of their encounters, they sometimes spoke to "whoever is listening".


Inga Arvad later reflected on her time with Kennedy as a "passing affair".


Inga Arvad appeared in two Danish films, Storm Varsel and a Fejos-directed 1934 film Flight from the Millions.


Inga Arvad was still married to Fejos when she traveled to the United States and during her affair with Kennedy.


Inga Arvad obtained a divorce from Fejos in June 1942.


Inga Arvad became engaged to Robert Boothby, a British member of Parliament, in May 1945.


Inga Arvad met Arvad in Los Angeles while he was with a British delegation to a conference in San Francisco, California.


Inga Arvad accepted but then broke off the engagement because of a compliment Hitler once paid her as being "the perfect Nordic beauty" and the effect it might have on Boothby's political career.


Inga Arvad commented that she despised Hitler's policies and only saw him on the two occasions of her interviews.


Inga Arvad was suspected of being the mistress of Axel Wenner-Gren, a Swedish industrialist on the US State Department blocklist.


Inga Arvad married American actor Tim McCoy in 1946 and became a US citizen.


McCoy and Inga Arvad resided on a 127-acre estate in Bucks County, Pennsylvania named Dolington Manor, known as the Benjamin Taylor Homestead.


Inga Arvad had three children from his previous marriage to Agnes Miller, daughter of actress Bijou Heron.


Inga Arvad was accompanied by Anita Colby, Florence Pritchett, and Laura Wells.


Inga Arvad died of cancer on a ranch near Nogales, Arizona, in 1973.

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Inga Arvad was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Saginaw, Michigan.