15 Facts About Irving Briskin


Irving Briskin, was an American film producer of more than 200 films during the 1930s and 1940s.

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In July 1927, when the studio got rid of their foreign broker system and implemented their own foreign sales, Irving Briskin was put in charge, becoming head of their foreign department.

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The new company had been formed from the former Irving Briskin Distributing Company, which Irving Briskin began in the late 1920s.

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In 1951, Irving Briskin re-signed a seven-year contract with Columbia, to continue on as vice-president of the studio.

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In 1952, Irving Briskin announced that he had an inked a deal with Ford Motors for Columbia to produce 39 half-hour films to be shown on television.

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In 1956, Irving Briskin began his own production company, Irving Briskin Productions, to release television material through Screen Gems, Columbia's television subsidiary.

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In doing so, Irving Briskin resigned from his duties as the studio manager for Columbia's film division, to focus on television production.

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Later in 1956, Irving Briskin negotiated with Sam Cohn for a $1 million budget for television production for Screen Gems.

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Irving Briskin'sproduction produced several series for Screen Gems for the 1957 season, including Casey Jones.

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One of the productions Irving Briskin was in charge of was Playhouse 90, which was broadcast on CBS-TV.

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One of the projects which Irving Briskin created, but was never released was a television series based on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which he created a pilot for, but the three networks passed on due to it being "too adult for popular appeal".

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In 1959 Irving Briskin was promoted at Columbia, and left the Screen Gems subsidiary, where he was replaced by William Dozier.

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In October 1940, Irving Briskin purchased the Pepper Lane Farm, one of the oldest residences in southern California, dating from the 1850s.

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Irving Briskin'sson, Frederick Briskin, was an assistant director at Columbia, and he had a daughter, Joyce.

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Irving Briskin was one of the founding members of the Friar's Club of California.

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