23 Facts About Jack Renshaw

1. In 2015, Jack Renshaw moved his attention to National Action, a far-right organisation.

2. Jack Renshaw told The Tab in an interview four years ago he struggled to make friends at university.

3. Jack Renshaw began studying Economics and Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013.

4. Jack Renshaw became a member of the EDL at the age of 15 after having moved to Blackpool from his home town, Skelmersdale, West Lancashire.

5. Jack Renshaw resigned from the Labor leadership shortly after a second and more severe defeat, again by Askin, in 1968.

6. Jack Renshaw initially showed some signs of moving decisively as premier.

7. Jack Renshaw pulled out from speaking because he was supposed to be at work, one of the other booked speakers was Jewish, and because he disapproved of organiser Eddie Stampton.

8. In 2014, Jack Renshaw was photographed outside Manchester University's John Rylands Library on behalf of a new far-right group, the National Strike Force.

9. Jack Renshaw will find himself intellectually challenged and charmed by a woman he meets in the last place he'd expect: the payroll department of Whitlock High.

10. Jack Renshaw wrestled two years ago at Northview before transferring to Houston Academy.

11. Jack Renshaw died at the age of 77 in 1987 in the northern Sydney suburb of Northbridge.

12. Jack Renshaw resigned soon after this election, and was succeeded by former Deputy Premier Pat Hills.

13. Jack Renshaw stood in the 1941 election, winning the seat from the Country Party member, Alfred Yeo, who had held Castlereagh for the previous nine years.

14. Jack Renshaw was supported by the Premier, William McKell, who realised that Renshaw's strong local identity and links to the farming community would help him in an election.

15. Jack Renshaw was encouraged to run for state parliament in the local seat of Castlereagh by William Scully, the federal member for Gwydir, after Renshaw had worked as campaign director for him.

16. Jack Renshaw was active in local government, serving as an alderman in the Coonabarabran Shire Council from 1937 to 1944.

17. Jack Renshaw served on the state and federal electorate councils in the area, including as President of the Gwydir Electorate Council from 1939 to 1949.

18. Jack Renshaw was the first New South Wales Premier born in the 20th century.

19. Jack Renshaw was Labor Premier of New South Wales from 30 April 1964 to 13 May 1965.

20. Jack Renshaw goes for 29 and that brings young Jack Edwards to the crease.

21. Jack Renshaw waited as long as he could before calling an election for 1 May 1965.

22. Jack Renshaw joined the Binnaway branch of the Australian Labor Party in 1930, and soon held office in the branch.

23. Jack Renshaw was born on 8 August 1909 near Wellington in central New South Wales.