93 Facts About Jalen Ramsey

1. Towards the end of last season Jalen Ramsey toned down some of his trash talking.

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2. Jalen Ramsey has made two Pro Bowl appearances in his first three NFL seasons.

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3. Jalen Ramsey made his feelings clear on social media during the game.

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4. Jalen Ramsey feels like that wasn't nearly enough in exchange for the talented pass rusher.

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5. Jalen Ramsey tweeted out a preview of an NFL 100 commercial that will run before the halftime show.

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6. Jalen Ramsey might very well be the Jaguars' best receiver at this point, anyway.

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7. Jalen Ramsey is already one of the NFL's best cornerbacks, and the same skills that have made him a two-time Pro Bowler would translate to offense.

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8. Jalen Ramsey made the event look much more dramatic, flopping to the ground to insinuate he'd been struck hard by Lewan.

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9. Towards the end of the game, Lewan and Jalen Ramsey exchanged words and made light contact.

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10. Jalen Ramsey referred to the Baltimore Ravens rookie as "the truth.

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11. Jalen Ramsey actually mentioned the possibility of playing some safety alongside James in Sunday's game to Chargers defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, the former Jaguars coach from 2013 to '16.

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12. Jalen Ramsey said he doesn't know what to expect but is optimistic about the future.

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13. Jalen Ramsey knows the 2019 Jaguars are headed for significant changes, especially on offense since the team is moving on from Bortles and has hired a new offensive coordinator.

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14. Jalen Ramsey lined up as outside receiving with the AFC operating from a shotgun formation before streaking across the end zone on a slant route before making the catch.

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15. Jalen Ramsey is known for his trash talk both on and off the field.

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16. Jalen Ramsey was the highest cornerback selected in the draft.

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17. Jalen Ramsey was ranked as the top free safety prospect in the draft by NFLDraftScout.

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18. Jalen Ramsey was a three-time All-ACC honoree as a member of the Florida State Indoor and Outdoor championship track and field team in 2013.

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19. Jalen Ramsey finished the year with 49 tackles, one interception, and one sack.

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20. Jalen Ramsey was the first true freshman to start a game at cornerback for the Seminoles since Deion Sanders in 1985.

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21. Jalen Ramsey posted a top throw of 49′ 11″ in the shot put.

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22. Jalen Ramsey perfected his football skills playing with much older boys at a local park.

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23. Jalen Ramsey was born on October 24, 1994 in the Nashville suburb of Smyrna, Tennessee to Lamont and Margie Ramsey.

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24. Jalen Ramsey played college football at Florida State and was drafted by the Jaguars fifth overall in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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25. Jalen Ramsey replied that he didn't learn anything about playing cornerback from Fisher.

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26. Jalen Ramsey is just speaking facts and people get mad at him.

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27. Jalen Ramsey talked the talk about Gronk and shut him down.

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28. Jalen Ramsey had 4 ints with an outstanding d-line that led the league in sacks.

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29. Jalen Ramsey would have to be on Diggs or Thielen like a backpack now that Cousins is chucking the rock.

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30. Jalen Ramsey is officially active for Sunday's game at Dallas, John Oehser of the Jaguars' official site reports.

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31. Jalen Ramsey is listed as questionable for Sunday's game against the Cowboys, Daniel Popper of The Athletic reports.

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32. Jalen Ramsey was recently the subject of offseason trade rumors, but the Jaguars have announced their intentions to keep the lockdown cornerback.

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33. Jalen Ramsey added of the 6ft 4in Green: "He's weak, he's small".

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34. Jalen Ramsey acknowledged walking to the visitors' locker room after half-time in an attempt to continue things with Green.

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35. Jalen Ramsey held Green to just one reception for six yards, as he repeatedly reminded everyone.

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36. Jalen Ramsey said his trash talking did not include any references to Green's personal life.

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37. Jalen Ramsey received his first suspension in the NFL on the 13th of August, 2018 after having stayed clear of disciplinary issues throughout his first two years in the league.

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38. In the month of July 2018 Jalen Ramsey was late to training camp due to the birth of his daughter with Golden Tate's sister Breanna Tate a former sprinter at Ole Miss.

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39. Jalen Ramsey was born on 24th October 1994 in Smyrna, Tennessee.

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40. Jalen Ramsey called Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen "trash" before the season, and Tuesday he didn't back off that assessment.

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41. Jalen Ramsey was expecting a child with his girlfriend Breanna Tate, a former track star at the University of Mississippi and sister to NFL Detroit Lions' wide receiver, Golden Tate.

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42. Jalen Ramsey was born Jalen Lattrel Ramsey, the second of two boys to Margie and Lamont Ramsey, on the 24th of October, 1994, in Smyrna, Tennessee.

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43. Jalen Ramsey is an American football player who plays the cornerback position for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League.

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44. Jalen Ramsey earned All-Pro honors last season but hasn't had the same impact this year.

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45. Jalen Ramsey made headlines on Monday when he tweeted, "When I'm gone from here, y'all gone miss me.

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46. Jalen Ramsey was a key piece in the NFL's No 2 defense last season, shutting down opposing receivers while tallying 63 tackles and four interceptions.

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47. Jalen Ramsey sparked rumors about a potential departure when he posted "when I'm gone from here, y'all gone miss me", last week on his Twitter account.

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48. Jalen Ramsey addressed the miscommunication in the Jaguars' recent loss to the Colts.

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49. Jalen Ramsey made a post after last week's loss against the Colts saying, "When I'm gone from here, y'all gone miss me.

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50. Jalen Ramsey is a trash talker, we all know that but today he went.

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51. Jalen Ramsey has been one of the best trash talkers this season.

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52. Jalen Ramsey had two interceptions and both were passes intended for Antonio Brown.

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53. Kansas City Chiefs: Trading for Jalen Ramsey would make no sense.

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54. Jalen Ramsey is an amazing corner and the Patriots defense would dominate if he was on the roster.

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55. New England Patriots rumors: Jalen Ramsey would be great addition.

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56. Jalen Ramsey would cost a boatload of draft capital, but it would solve the Rams' biggest issue right now.

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57. Jalen Ramsey led the Jaguars in tackles as the defense held the Steelers through the first two quarters.

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58. Jalen Ramsey addressed the tweet Thursday, saying it was for the Jaguars' "fake fans" who haven't stuck with the team through a disappointing 2018 season.

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59. Jalen Ramsey attributed the blown assignment against the Colts to not hearing the call from the other side of the field.

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60. Jalen Ramsey led the Jaguars in tackles as the defense held the Steelers scoreless until late in the third quarter, but were unable to continue that effort through the.

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61. Jalen Ramsey is the mouthpiece for the Jags and one of the best corners in NFL, so I doubt they are ready to pull the plug yet.

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62. Jalen Ramsey is the mouthpiece for the Jags and one of the best corners in NFL.

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63. Jalen Ramsey responded with his first career game with multiple interceptions.

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64. Jalen Ramsey contributed to the rumors by sending a cryptic tweet last Monday.

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65. At the snap, Jalen Ramsey was about 7 yards off receiver Ryan Switzer, who was split wide to the right.

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66. Jalen Ramsey was in better position on a similar play to begin Pittsburgh's fourth offensive possession, and the result was an incredible interception.

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67. Jalen Ramsey intercepted Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the second quarter and again in the third quarter, the latter of which came in the end zone and squashed a prime scoring opportunity.

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68. Jalen Ramsey was indeed harsh in assessing Allen, who was the seventh overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.

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69. Jalen Ramsey called Allen "trash" during an offseason interview with GQ magazine.

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70. Jalen Ramsey responded with a team-high eight tackles and three passes.

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71. On the first pick, Jalen Ramsey jumped a post throw from Roethliserger to Brown, showing rare athleticism for his size.

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72. Jalen Ramsey responds to trade rumors with interceptions–and big plays allowed.

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73. Jalen Ramsey told reporters Thursday he wants to play for the Jaguars his entire career.

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74. Jalen Ramsey posts monster game after Jaguars quash trade rumors.

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75. Jalen Ramsey said coach Doug Marrone spoke with him briefly before the game about the report, too.

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76. Jalen Ramsey stood on the sideline close to the tunnel and was the first Jaguars player to leave the field after the game ended on Blake Bortles' sixth sack of the game.

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77. Jalen Ramsey deserves better than what the Jaguars are this year.

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78. On Tuesday, Jalen Ramsey said he stands by what he said about Allen.

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79. Jalen Ramsey does not back down from calling Josh Allen 'trash'.

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80. Jalen Ramsey dominated AB all game and wasn't beat on the TD.

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81. Jalen Ramsey had one good year n thought he was Deion Sanders then this year is getting torched left n right n throwing tantrums.

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82. Jalen Ramsey called Allen trash while explaining why he thought the 2018 NFL draft was "a little off" in the GQ piece that was published Aug 15.

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83. In July 2018, Jalen Ramsey was late to training camp due to the birth of his daughter with Golden Tate's sister Breanna Tate a former sprinter at Ole Miss.

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84. On December 19, 2017, Jalen Ramsey was named to his first Pro Bowl as a starter alongside teammate Bouye.

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85. On May 19, 2016, Jalen Ramsey suffered a small meniscus tear during rookie training camp.

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86. Jalen Ramsey chose to stand on his combine numbers and only perform positional drills.

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87. In May 2015, Jalen Ramsey won the ACC Long Jump Championship with a leap of 26' 1.5", only 3 inches short of the automatic qualifying mark for the 2016 US Olympic Team Trials.

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88. Jalen Ramsey started all 14 games for the Florida State Seminoles as a true freshman in 2013.

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89. Jalen Ramsey competed in events ranging from the 100 meters to the shot put.

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90. Jalen Ramsey had three solo tackles and an interception in Sunday's loss to the Eagles in London.

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91. Jalen Ramsey says it's the defense's job to turn it around.

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92. Jalen Ramsey talks fatherhood, football—and why the Jaguars will return to winning.

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93. Jalen Ramsey learned a valuable lesson from his offseason print interviews.

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