41 Facts About James Roosevelt


James Roosevelt II was an American businessman, Marine, activist, and Democratic Party politician.

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James Roosevelt received the Navy Cross while serving as a Marine Corps officer during World War II.

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James Roosevelt was born in New York City at 123 East 36th Street.

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At Harvard, he followed family traditions in joining the Signet Society and Hasty Pudding Club, of which both his father and his maternal granduncle and paternal fifth cousin once removed, President Theodore James Roosevelt, had been members, the Fly Club, which his father had joined, and the Institute of the 1770.

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James Roosevelt graduated from Harvard in 1930 and was elected permanent treasurer of his class.

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James Roosevelt took a sales job with the firm of Victor De Gerard of Boston in 1930, remaining with that firm when it amalgamated with the John Paulding Meade Company which, in turn, amalgamated with O'Brion, Russell and Company in 1932.

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James Roosevelt abandoned his law studies within a year due to his success at the firm.

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James Roosevelt resigned from the firm in 1937, when he officially went to work at the White House, but retained his half-ownership.

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James Roosevelt was elected a director of Boston Metropolitan Buildings, Inc in 1933.

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James Roosevelt served briefly as president of the National Grain Yeast Corporation from May to November 1935.

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James Roosevelt attended the 1924 Democratic National Convention where he served, in his words, as his father's "page and prop".

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James Roosevelt was a delegate from Massachusetts to the Constitutional Convention for the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.

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James Roosevelt was instrumental in securing Kennedy's appointment as ambassador to the United Kingdom.

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James Roosevelt was the White House coordinator for eighteen federal agencies by October 1937.

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In July 1938, there were allegations that James Roosevelt had used his political position to steer lucrative business to his insurance firm.

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James Roosevelt had to publish his income tax returns and denied these allegations in an NBC broadcast and an interview in Collier's magazine.

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James Roosevelt resigned from his White House position in November 1938.

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James Roosevelt produced the film Pot o' Gold and distributed the British film Pastor Hall.

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World War II broke out in Europe in September 1939; the following month James Roosevelt resigned the Marine commission as a lieutenant colonel that he had received in 1936 when serving as his father's military aide and accepted a commission as a captain in the Marine Corps Reserve so that he could enter active duty, which he did in November 1940.

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James Roosevelt requested assignment to combat duty and was transferred to the Marine Raiders in January 1942, a new Marine Corps commando force, and became second-in-command of the 2nd Raider Battalion under Evans Carlson whom Roosevelt knew when Carlson commanded the Marine detachment at the Warm Springs, Georgia, residence of his father.

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James Roosevelt's influence helped win presidential backing for the Raiders—influenced by the British Commandos—which were opposed by Marine Corps traditionalists.

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James Roosevelt was released from active duty in August 1945 and was placed on the inactive list in October 1945.

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James Roosevelt suffered from flat feet, and was allowed to wear sneakers while other Marines were required to wear boots.

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Risking his own life over and above the ordinary call of duty, Major James Roosevelt continually exposed himself to intense machine-gun and sniper fire to ensure effective control of operations from the command post.

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James Roosevelt's calmness under fire and presence among the foremost elements of the attacking force was a source of inspiration to all ranks.

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James Roosevelt rejoined Roosevelt and Sargent as an executive vice president and established the company's office in Los Angeles.

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James Roosevelt later became president of Roosevelt and Company, Inc.

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James Roosevelt began making daily radio broadcasts of political commentary.

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In 1954, Roosevelt was elected U S Representative from California's 26th congressional district, a heavily Democratic district.

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James Roosevelt was re-elected to five additional terms and served from 1955 to 1965, resigning during his sixth term.

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James Roosevelt was one of the first politicians to denounce the tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

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James Roosevelt was the only representative to vote against appropriating funds for the House Un-American Activities Committee.

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James Roosevelt resigned from UNESCO in December 1966 and retired to become an executive of the Investors Overseas Service in Geneva, Switzerland.

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James Roosevelt joined the IOS despite the overseas firm's concurrent investigation by the SEC for numerous irregularities.

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James Roosevelt became associated with the Nixon Administration in several capacities and remained friendly with Richard Nixon until his death.

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James Roosevelt's writings include Affectionately, FDR and My Parents, a Differing View .

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James Roosevelt authored the novel A Family Matter and edited The Liberal Papers, published in 1962.

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James Roosevelt urged contributors to order their Social Security statements of earnings from his group .

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James Roosevelt married his nurse, Romelle Therese Schneider, the next year.

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James Roosevelt died in Newport Beach, California, in 1991 of complications arising from a stroke and Parkinson's disease.

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James Roosevelt was 83 and was the last surviving child of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

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