20 Facts About Jamie Thomas


Jamie Thomas was born on October 11,1974 and is an American professional skateboarder and skateboard industry entrepreneur.


Jamie Thomas grew up in Dothan, Alabama, but spent time as a child in Atlanta, Georgia and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for his father's work as a nuclear engineer.


Jamie Thomas started skateboarding in Palm Beach Gardens at the age of eleven.


In 1991, Jamie Thomas won a skateboarding competition in Panama City, Florida.


In 1992, Jamie Thomas left Alabama and relocated to San Francisco, California in order to pursue a career in professional skateboarding.


Jamie Thomas turned pro for a short lived brand called Experience.


Jamie Thomas went on to ride for San Diego-based Invisible Skateboards.


Jamie Thomas filmed and directed two Toy Machine videos, the second one being Welcome to Hell, one of the most influential skate videos of the 1990s.


Jamie Thomas is sponsored by Zero skateboards, STRAYE footwear, Thunder trucks, Spitfire wheels, Bones Swiss, Mob Grip, olloclip, Active Ride Shop, and Official headwear.


In 1996, Jamie Thomas started Zero Skateboards through skateboard distributor Tum Yeto.


In 2003, Jamie Thomas started the skate footwear brand Fallen Footwear.


Jamie Thomas further explained that the Zero employees will remain independent and will focus on "the team, marketing and creative aspects" of the brand.


Jamie Thomas explained in a June 24,2014 interview with the Active brand's online media channel that core skateboard brands will need to remain authentic to survive in the marketplace.


Jamie Thomas revealed that he continues to enjoy the process of working in collaboration with sponsors and companies on projects, and recommended skateboarding projects to the audience for motivational benefits.


In 2017, Jamie Thomas announced on Instagram that he would be joining a new footwear brand called STRAYE footwear, alongside Chad Muska and Antwuan Dixon.


Jamie Thomas announced on April 24,2019, that he sold his collectible skateboard business, Garage Days Collection, to a collector.


Jamie Thomas is married to Joanne and they have three children, born in 2003,2006 and 2008.


Jamie Thomas is a Christian, with several board graphics that feature Christian imagery and scripture.


Jamie Thomas has explained that his nickname, "The Chief", was started by professional skateboarders Elissa Steamer, Erik Ellington and Jim Greco.


In January 2000, Jamie Thomas appeared with Ed Templeton in a print ad for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to promote vegetarianism.