5 Facts About Jaspal Atwal

1. In a January 14, 2013 post on Facebook, Jaspal Atwal was seen in a photo with a young Justin Trudeau.

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2. In 2012, Jaspal Atwal was invited to a budget speech of 35th Premier of British Columbia Christy Clark as a guest.

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3. At the parole, Jaspal Atwal admitted he was the shooter that day.

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4. On May 25, 1986, Jaspal Atwal was among four men involved in attempting to assassinate Punjib minister Malkiat Singh Sidhu.

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5. In February 2018, Jaspal Atwal gained attention when he was invited by Canada prime minister Justin Trudeau to a reception during a visit to India and would eventually have his invitation revoked the next day.

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