19 Facts About Javagal Srinath

1. Javagal Srinath was a frontline fast bowler for the Indian cricket team until his retirement, and the second Indian pace bowler to take 200 Test wickets.

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2. Javagal Srinath is India's second-highest ODI wicket-taker with 315, and the first bowler to take 300 ODI wickets for India.

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3. Javagal Srinath took 44 wickets in the 1992, 1996, 1999 and 2003 Cricket World Cups.

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4. Javagal Srinath is the joint highest wicket-taker for India in World Cup competition with Zaheer Khan, who took the same number of wickets in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 tournaments.

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5. Javagal Srinath is one of eleven bowlers who took 300 wickets in one-day international cricket, and the only Indian fast bowler to take 300 wickets.

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6. Javagal Srinath retired from international cricket after the 2003 World Cup in South Africa.

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7. Javagal Srinath spent his first two years of college at the Malnad College of Engineering in Hassan.

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8. Javagal Srinath caught the eye of former Indian Test batsman Gundappa Viswanath, a selector for the state team, during a club match.

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9. Javagal Srinath made his One Day International debut in the Wills Trophy at Sharjah in 1991.

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10. Javagal Srinath played 11 ODI matches and two test matches in his debut year, and took 14 ODI wickets for an average of 30.00.

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11. In late 1994, with the retirement of Kapil Dev and three years after his international debut, Javagal Srinath played his first home test against the West Indies.

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12. Javagal Srinath appeared in four of India's five test matches that year.

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13. Javagal Srinath received his first man-of-the-match awards in ODI and test cricket in 1992, against South Africa in a test match in Cape Town and against Sri Lanka in an ODI in Kanpur.

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14. Javagal Srinath missed five test matches in the West Indies in March and April 1997, two tests in Sri Lanka in August and one-day marches in the West Indies, the Independence Cup in May, the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka, a one-day match against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka, the September Sahara Cup in Toronto, and the three-match one-day series in Pakistan in September and October.

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15. In 1998, Javagal Srinath took 17 wickets in test matches and 37 wickets in 19 ODI matches for an average of 22.00—the best year of his career.

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16. Javagal Srinath began playing for the national team as a third bowler in both formats of the sport in 1992.

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17. Javagal Srinath scored a 50 against South Africa in Rajkot, and India won the cup.

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18. Javagal Srinath toured England with the Lashings World XI team in summer 2005, and was a commentator for the India-England test series in 2006.

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19. Javagal Srinath is a familiar face to cricket viewers around the world as a commentator and ICC match referee.

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