10 Facts About JCVD


JCVD's father is from Brussels and bilingual, and his mother is Flemish.

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JCVD began martial arts at the age of ten, enrolled by his father in a Shotokan karate school.

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JCVD started lifting weights to improve his physique, which eventually led to a Mr Belgium bodybuilding title.

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JCVD was set to star in No Retreat, No Surrender 2, but backed out.

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JCVD starred in Maximum Risk, the first American film directed by Ringo Lam, and their first collaboration.

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JCVD then reprised his role as Luc Deveraux alongside Dolph Lundgren in the 2009 film Universal Soldier: Regeneration, directed by John Hyams.

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JCVD appeared in commercials for Coors Light beer, showing him on a snow-covered mountain wearing a sleeveless denim jacket, and for the washing powder Dash.

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JCVD was deeply affected by his depiction in the media and the frequent derisive use of his interviews in comedy shows in the early 2000s, becoming increasingly reluctant to grant new interviews in French.

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JCVD later explained that he was trying to communicate bits of his hard-earned wisdom to young uneducated people dreaming of success, like he used to be himself, and had to struggle with the time constraints of TV, with his difficulties reacquainting with the French language, and with the effects of jet lag, often resulting in a clumsy, haphazard delivery.

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JCVD was arrested for driving under the influence in 1999.

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