12 Facts About Jean Borotra


Jean Borotra was one of the "Four Musketeers" from his country who dominated tennis in the late 1920s and early 1930s.


Jean Borotra was born in Domaine du Pouy, Biarritz, Aquitaine, the oldest of four children.


Jean Borotra only failed to win the US Championships, as he was defeated in the final by his countryman Rene Lacoste in straight sets, thus missing a career Grand Slam.


Jean Borotra made the final of the World Covered Court Championships in 1922, losing to Henri Cochet, but won the doubles and mixed doubles.


Jean Borotra was ranked as high as world No 1 by Bill Tilden in 1930, although Tilden didn't include himself in the ranking.


Jean Borotra was ranked No 2 by A Wallis Myers of The Daily Telegraph in 1926.


Jean Borotra won his last major in 1936 when he teamed up with Marcel Bernard for the French Championship doubles at Roland Garros.


In 1974, Jean Borotra was one of the last three people to be awarded the IOC's Olympic Diploma of Merit.


In 1984, Jean Borotra received a Distinguished Service award from the United States Sports Academy in recognition of his achievements.


The Jean Borotra Sportsmanship Award is an International Club award.


In 1938 Jean Borotra married Mabel de Forest and they had one son.


Jean Borotra was freed from the castle after the Battle for Castle Itter, in which he played a courageous role by vaulting from the fortress and running to a nearby town to summon reinforcements.