10 Facts About Jeanne Abdullah


Tun Jeanne Abdullah nee Danker was born on 29 July 1953 and is married to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

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Jeanne Abdullah's is his second wife after the death of Badawi's first wife, Endon Mahmood.

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Jeanne Abdullah's was a manager at the Seri Perdana residential complex and has two children from her previous marriage.

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Jeanne Abdullah's is an alumna of SMK Assunta in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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Jeanne Abdullah worked in the hotel management field at major hotels including Kuala Lumpur Hilton and the Pan Pacific Hotel.

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At one point, she was supervisor of the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister's official residence while Jeanne Abdullah Badawi was Deputy Prime Minister, and became the manager of Seri Perdana, the Prime Minister's residence, when Jeanne Abdullah assumed the premiership.

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Jeanne Abdullah has two daughters, Nadiah Kimie, 44 and Nadene Kimie, 42 from her previous marriage.

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Later in the evening, Abdullah and Jeanne visited Endon's grave which is located at the Taman Selatan Muslim cemetery in Precinct 20 of Putrajaya.

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At a press conference after the engagement was announced, Abdullah stated he had known her for about two decades, as she had been his first wife's sister-in-law; Jeanne had been married to Othman Mahmood, who was the younger brother of Abdullah's first wife, Tun Endon Mahmood.

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Jeanne Abdullah said that there would be no bersanding ceremony or hantaran as this was not his first marriage.

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