36 Facts About Jennette McCurdy


Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy was born on June 26,1992 and is an American writer, director, podcaster, singer and former actress.


Jennette McCurdy appeared in the television series Malcolm in the Middle, Zoey 101, Lincoln Heights, True Jackson, VP, and Victorious.


Jennette McCurdy independently released her debut single, "So Close", in 2009.


In 2017, Jennette McCurdy quit acting and decided to pursue a preferred career in writing and directing.


Jennette McCurdy was raised in Garden Grove, California, in a relatively poor family, who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, though she ultimately left the religion in her early adulthood.


The man she grew up believing was her father, Debra's husband Mark Jennette McCurdy, worked two jobs to support the family.


In 2000, at the age of eight, Jennette McCurdy started her acting career on Mad TV.

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Jennette McCurdy was nominated for a 2009 Teen Choice Award in the Favorite TV Sidekick category for her work on iCarly.


Jennette McCurdy played Bertha in Fred: The Movie, a movie based on a YouTube series about Fred Figglehorn.


In June 2008, Jennette McCurdy announced that she was working on her debut album.


In mid-2009, Jennette McCurdy was offered a record deal from both Big Machine Records and Capitol Records Nashville.


Shortly after the release, Jennette McCurdy confirmed that she had left Capitol Nashville citing conflicts of a new series in which she was cast.


In 2014, Jennette McCurdy was absent from the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.


Jennette McCurdy says that the show is based loosely on her life and that the character she plays, Sarah Bronson, is based on her.


Jennette McCurdy starred as Claire in the psychological thriller film Pet.


Jennette McCurdy eventually decided to quit acting and to pursue writing and directing in 2017:.


In 2018, Jennette McCurdy wrote and directed her first short film, Kenny, a dramedy inspired by the death of her mother; the film featured an all-female crew.


Jennette McCurdy has since released three more short films, which she wrote and directed: The Grave; The McCurdys, a semi-autobiographical short based on her childhood; and Strong Independent Women, a short that deals with eating disorders.


In 2011, Jennette McCurdy began writing a series of articles for The Wall Street Journal.


Jennette McCurdy has written eight pieces for the paper, on topics ranging from Shirley Temple to body shaming and a corporate culture that she perceives as smoke and mirrors.


Jennette McCurdy has written for Seventeen magazine and The Huffington Post.


Jennette McCurdy composed an article titled "Off-Camera, My Mom's Fight With Cancer", which was published in The Wall Street Journal in June 2011.


The article features advice from Jennette McCurdy on living with an ill parent.


In 2020, Jennette McCurdy created and starred in a one-woman tragicomedy show, I'm Glad My Mom Died, in various theaters in Los Angeles and New York.


Jennette McCurdy later had to set her show into hiatus after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

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In July 2020, Jennette McCurdy posted a video on her YouTube channel and social media where she sings about starting a podcast called Empty Inside.


Jennette McCurdy revealed on the podcast, during an interview with actress Anna Faris, that she had retired from professional acting.


Jennette McCurdy stated she had been pushed into acting as a child by her mother, and soon became her family's primary source of income.


Jennette McCurdy became "ashamed" of the roles she had played in the past, and after seeking therapy in the late 2010s, McCurdy decided to quit acting.


When iCarly was revived that same year for Paramount+, Jennette McCurdy declined to reprise her role of Sam Puckett.


In September 2021, Jennette McCurdy resumed performing her tragicomedy show in Los Angeles.


In 2010, her mother's cancer returned, and in 2013, she died; Jennette McCurdy was 21 years old.


Jennette McCurdy stated that her mother was "obsessed with making [her] a star" and detailed how her mother contributed to her eating disorder by introducing her to calorie restriction at age 11.


Jennette McCurdy revealed that until she was 16 or 17 years old, her mother performed vaginal and breast exams on her, ostensibly as a cancer screening, and never let her shower alone.


Jennette McCurdy stated in an interview that she did not receive all of her payment from acting as a minor because her Coogan account was not properly filed.


In March 2019, Jennette McCurdy publicly revealed in a Huffington Post article that, from age 11, she suffered from anorexia, and later bulimia.