81 Facts About Jerry Jones

1. Jerry Jones detailed his high ambitions for the stadium to D Magazine as he wants it to "become more familiar than the White House.

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2. Jerry Jones is "serious" this time; no more free millions for his adopted son, Jason Garrett.

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3. Jerry Jones detailed his high ambitions for the stadium to D Magazine as he wants it to "become more familiar than the White House.

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4. Jerry Jones said: "We have been there before without a contract.

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5. Jerry Jones was referring to the 2014 campaign, when Garrett was in the final season of his original four-year deal.

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6. Jerry Jones confirmed Saturday night that Garrett is coaching for his job in 2019.

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7. Jerry Jones is Jerry Jones wife, a famous Billionaire, president, general manager, founder, and owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

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8. Jerry Jones detailed his high ambitions for the stadium to D Magazine as he wants it to "become more familiar than the White House.

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9. Jerry Jones is not expected to extend the contract of Cowboys' HC Jason Garrett, short or long term, as he now enters the final year of his contract, per @toddarcher.

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10. Jerry Jones said Garrett's experience puts the team in position to allow younger, less experienced coaches to have more say.

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11. Jerry Jones emphasized that the offensive changes going forward will be a collaborative approach.

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12. Jerry Jones said the team was waiting to make an announcement to allow the focus to remain this week on the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

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13. Jerry Jones said Wednesday that the delay in announcing additions to Jason Garrett's staff has nothing to do with the job status of the Dallas Cowboys' head coach.

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14. Jerry Jones detailed his high ambitions for the stadium to D Magazine as he wants it to "become more familiar than the White House.

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15. Jerry Jones indicated that it will be Garrett who makes the announcement of Moore's promotion, presumably to offensive coordinator, but and I cntinue to think likely to to play-caller.

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16. Jerry Jones called into 105.3 The Fan to discuss a few topics, one of the most notable was defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence's impending free agency.

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17. Jerry Jones said an announcement about Kellen Moore is going to happen soon.

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18. Jerry Jones discussed multiple topics including the Cowboys coaching staff, DeMarcus Lawrence and more.

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19. Jerry Jones has no issues firing people if things are not going his way.

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20. Jerry Jones had a change of heart before Stepheb started his new fast food job, and gave him one more chance.

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21. Jerry Jones got married to businessman Jerry Jones on January 19, 1963, and they have been together ever since.

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22. Jerry Jones detailed his high ambitions for the stadium to D Magazine as he wants it to "become more familiar than the White House.

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23. Jerry Jones was motivated by his first visit to the Astrodome decades ago to build a unique stadium.

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24. Jerry Jones explained his early days as the Cowboys owner to Shefter.

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25. Jerry Jones knows the value of these advertisers as D Magazine detailed Jones visiting a Ford assembly line to speak with employees.

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26. Jerry Jones has plenty of time to work things out with the NFL.

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27. Jerry Jones is coming off his first Pro Bowl season after finally finding a home at cornerback.

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28. Jerry Jones appeared on the first episode, "Go Fund Yourself", of the eighteenth season of South Park, along with several other NFL team owners.

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29. Jerry Jones had a brief cameo appearance as himself in the 1998 made-for-television reunion movie Dallas: War of the Ewings.

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30. Jerry Jones is often vilified by fans who remain bitter at Jones' unceremonious firing of fan-favorite Tom Landry.

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31. Jerry Jones earned his master's degree in business in 1970.

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32. Jerry Jones was an all-Southwest Conference offensive lineman for Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles and a teammate of Jimmy Johnson.

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33. Jerry Jones was a co-captain of the 1964 National Championship football team.

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34. Jerry Jones should ask Goodell for the $20mil + he wasted of the owners money on Deflategate.

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35. Jerry Jones rallied against the Jets and New England so this is great karma.

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36. In 1995, Jerry Jones made a heretical decision to sign a clothing deal with Nike Inc, bypassing the NFL's official merchandising arm.

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37. Jerry Jones went into the locker room before the Cowboys Giants game yesterday.

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38. Jerry Jones has let many things slide so the show could go on.

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39. Jerry Jones loves stars, and there is no bigger star than the President of the United States.

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40. Jerry Jones became the first owner in NFL history to lead his team to three Super Bowl titles in his first seven years of ownership.

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41. In 2014, Jerry Jones said there have only been three losses in his ownership tenure with the Cowboys that have made him cry.

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42. Jerry Jones said there is no timetable as to when Goodell could make a decision after the hearing.

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43. Jerry Jones has an estimated net worth of about $5.6 billion; all being the co-owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

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44. Jerry Jones studied at North Little Rock High School and completed his graduation in 1960.

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45. Jerry Jones was born in Los Angeles, California, but moved to North Little Rock, Arkansas when he was growing up.

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46. Jerry Jones offered assistance to the Christie campaign as he tried to become the Republican nominee.

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47. Jerry Jones referred to Christie as a good luck charm during the playoffs.

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48. Jerry Jones is a businessman, who is best known as the owner, president, and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys.

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49. Jerry Jones already knew who he wanted to hire, and in his mind, Landy had no chance in staying, and it greatly saddened Cowboys fans.

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50. Jerry Jones met his wife Eugenia at the University of Arkansas.

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51. At some point, her husband Jerry Jones had strife when photos of him with some strippers emerged in the public domain.

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52. Jerry Jones is a 2017 Hall of Famer inductee; in his induction speech, he gives much credit to his family and the Cowboys team and supporters for their contribution towards the success of the club.

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53. Jerry Jones is very interested in how that investigation ends up.

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54. Jerry Jones said Lee will be the Cowboys starting WILL linebacker once he's fully healthy.

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55. Jerry Jones says Sean Lee will get his starting job back when he returns from his hamstring injury.

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56. Jerry Jones has 'keen interest' in outcome of Kareem Hunt case.

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57. Jerry Jones made the declaration despite the fact that first-round draft pick Leighton Vander Esch is enjoying a huge season that has placed him in the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year discussion.

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58. Jerry Jones does say Vander Esch will be in a "rotation" with Lee.

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59. Jerry Jones was informed during the radio interview that Garrett has 29 victories over the past three seasons, which is the most for any NFC head coach over that span.

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60. Jerry Jones weighs in on how Jason Garrett can achieve job security.

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61. Jerry Jones says when Cowboys Sean Lee healthy, he's a starter.

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62. Jerry Jones is all about forgiveness—if you can run the football.

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63. Jerry Jones now joins a fellow NFC East executive by completely missing the point.

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64. Jerry Jones added that he doesn't think $10 billion is unreasonable, and he'd rather have the Cowboys than the money.

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65. Jerry Jones is right that the Cowboys have the best kind of problem on their hands.

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66. Jerry Jones says Sean Lee will get Cowboys starting job back despite Leighton Vander Esch's emergence.

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67. Jerry Jones said today on 105.3 The Fan that he is monitoring the Kareem Hunt case and wants to know how the NFL is going to handle it.

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68. Jerry Jones would not go so far as to say the Cowboys are going after Kingsbury.

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69. Jerry Jones reveals what he thinks will change the narrative of criticism for coach Jason Garrett.

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70. In one scene, Jerry Jones is depicted as having huge, bulging chameleon-like eyes, as a young woman's head pops up from his lap.

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71. Jerry Jones appears in a 2013 Pepsi commercial, walking into an elevator filled with three men wearing New York Giants apparel, who look at him with discontent.

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72. In 2013, Jerry Jones narrated a documentary film on former teammate and business partner Jim Lindsey.

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73. Jerry Jones appeared as himself in a 1996 episode of the TV show Coach and in a 2007 television commercial for Diet Pepsi MAX, which featured then Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips and quarterback Tony Romo.

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74. Jerry Jones was the inspiration for the character Baxter Cain, owner of the Dallas Felons, in the 1998 film BASEketball.

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75. Jerry Jones made comments both to the press and on his radio show, saying Hochuli was one of the most criticized officials in the NFL.

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76. Jerry Jones became involved in the St Louis Rams move back to Los Angeles with Stan Kroenke in 2016.

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77. Jerry Jones is the subject of the 2008 book Playing to Win by David Magee.

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78. Jerry Jones is one of a very small number of NFL owners who had a significant level of success as a football player, Jerry Richardson of the Carolina Panthers being another.

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79. Jerry Jones was a running back at North Little Rock High School, graduating in 1960.

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80. Jerry Jones recently worked out for the Jaguars after spending the past five seasons with the Steelers.

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81. Jerry Jones announces Gil Brandt as 22nd member of Cowboys Ring of Honor.

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