13 Facts About Jim DeRogatis


James Peter DeRogatis was born on September 2,1964 and is an American music critic and co-host of Sound Opinions.


Jim DeRogatis has written articles for magazines such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Guitar World and Modern Drummer, and for 15 years was the pop music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times.


In 1982, while a senior at Hudson Catholic Regional High School in Jersey City, New Jersey, Jim DeRogatis conducted one of the last interviews with rock critic Lester Bangs, two weeks before Bangs's death of a drug overdose.


In 1985, at the start of his senior year, Jim DeRogatis began writing full time for the Jersey Journal, spending two nights a week on news stories and three days on wedding and church announcements.


Jim DeRogatis plays drums in the punk rock band Vortis; its most recent album is This Machine Kills Fascists on Cavetone Records.


Jim DeRogatis previously played in the bands the Ex-Lion Tamers, Airlines, Speed the Plough, and The Shotdowns.


Adams later commented that Jim DeRogatis shouldn't have made the recording public, and that leaving the message in the first place was a mistake since it empowered the critic.


Jim DeRogatis was named as a witness in Kelly's 2008 child pornography trial.


The defense lawyers charged that Jim DeRogatis should be charged with child pornography for allegedly making a copy of the tape and showing it to another person after turning the original over to police.


However, upon questioning by Judge Gaughan outside of the presence of the jury, Jim DeRogatis refused to provide substantive answers, citing his First and Fifth Amendment rights as the basis for his refusal.


Judge Gaughan disagreed that as a journalist Jim DeRogatis had a First Amendment basis for refusing to testify, but excused Jim DeRogatis from taking the stand in front of the jury based upon his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself.


On July 17,2017, Jim DeRogatis reported for BuzzFeed News that Kelly had been accused by three sets of parents of holding their daughters in an "abusive cult".


Jim DeRogatis was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, in a Catholic family.