31 Facts About Jim Shooter


James Shooter was born on September 27,1951 and is an American writer, editor and publisher for various comic books.


Jim Shooter started professionally in the medium at the age of 14, and he is most notable for his successful and controversial run as Marvel Comics' seventh editor-in-chief, and his work as editor in chief of Valiant Comics.


Jim Shooter was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to parents Ken and Eleanor "Ellie" Shooter, who are of Polish descent.


Jim Shooter read comics as a child, though he stopped when he was about eight years old.


Jim Shooter found the DC Comics stories to be similar to the DC stories he had previously read, but was impressed with the style of the Marvel Comics, which had only begun publication two years earlier.


At age 13, in mid-1965, Jim Shooter wrote and drew stories featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes, and sent them in to DC Comics.


On February 10,1966, he received a phone call from Mort Weisinger, who wanted to purchase the stories Jim Shooter had sent, and commissioned Jim Shooter to write Supergirl and Superman stories.


Jim Shooter, who was 14 and lived in Pittsburgh, had to wait until school was in recess, after which he went to New York with his mother, spurred in part by the need to support his financially struggling parents.


At 14, Jim Shooter began selling stories to DC Comics, writing for both Action Comics and Adventure Comics, beginning with Adventure Comics No 346, and providing pencil breakdowns as well.


Jim Shooter created the Superman villain the Parasite in Action Comics No 340.


In 1969 Jim Shooter was accepted into New York University, but after graduating from high school he successfully applied for a job at Marvel Comics.


On January 2,1976, Jim Shooter joined the Marvel staff as an assistant editor and writer.


Later that same year, Jim Shooter wrote Marvel Treasury Edition No 28 which featured the second Superman and Spider-Man intercompany crossover.


Roy Thomas, who left Marvel following a contract dispute with Jim Shooter, reflected in 2005 on Jim Shooter's editorial policies:.


Jim Shooter was editor-in-chief and had a right to impose what he wanted to.


Jim Shooter had been great for the first two or three years.


Jim Shooter got the creative people treated with more respect, got us sent to conventions first-class with our ways paid, and we thought the world of him.


Jim Shooter turned it into a way to reshape the Marvel Universe in his image.


Jim Shooter brought many of Marvel's creators to Valiant, including Bob Layton and Barry Windsor-Smith, as well as industry veterans such as Don Perlin.


In 1995, Jim Shooter founded Broadway Comics, which was an offshoot of Broadway Video, the production company that produces Saturday Night Live, but this line ended after its parent sold the properties to Golden Books.


Jim Shooter returned to Valiant, by now called Acclaim Comics, briefly in 1999 to write Unity 2000 but Acclaim went out of business after the completion of only three of the planned six issues.


In 2003, Jim Shooter joined custom comics company Illustrated Media as creative director and editor in chief.


In 2005, former Marvel Comics letterer Denise Wohl approached Jim Shooter to create Seven, a series based on the Kabbalah.


Writer Jim Shooter created a team of seven characters, one from each continent, who are brought together in New York because they share a higher consciousness.


In September 2007, DC Comics announced that Jim Shooter would be the new writer of the Legion of Super-Heroes vol.


Jim Shooter co-created the new Legionnaire Gazelle with artist Francis Manapul while on the title.


Jim Shooter's run on the series ended with issue No 49, one issue before the book was canceled.


Jim Shooter was hired by Valiant Entertainment, a company that bought Valiant's intellectual property in a bankruptcy auction of Acclaim Entertainment, to write from the end of 2008 into the summer of 2009.


In July 2009 Dark Horse Comics announced at the San Diego Comic-Con International that Jim Shooter would oversee the publication of new series based on Gold Key Comics characters from the Silver Age of Comic Books, such as Turok, Doctor Solar, and Magnus: Robot Fighter, and write some of them as well.


Jim Shooter subsequently wrote the relaunched Magnus: Robotfighter, Turok and Dr Solar series as well as Mighty Samson, another Gold Key character, for Dark Horse, beginning in 2010.


Jim Shooter is the subject of a volume of the University Press of Mississippi's Conversations with Comic Artists series, published in 2017.