20 Facts About Jim Starlin


James P Starlin was born on October 9,1949 and is an American comics artist and writer.


Jim Starlin was born on October 9,1949, in Detroit, Michigan.


Jim Starlin was part of the generation of artists and writers who grew up as fans of Silver Age Marvel Comics.


Jim Starlin then drew three issues of Iron Man, that introduced the characters Thanos and Drax the Destroyer.


Jim Starlin was then given the chance to draw an issue of the "cosmic" title Captain Marvel.


Jim Starlin took over as plotter the following issue, and began developing an elaborate story arc centered on the villainous Thanos, and spread across a number of Marvel titles.


Jim Starlin left Captain Marvel one issue after concluding his Thanos saga.


Concurrently in the mid-1970s, Jim Starlin contributed a cache of stories to the independently published science-fiction anthology Star Reach.


Jim Starlin then took over the title Warlock, starring a genetically engineered being created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1960s and re-imagined by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in the 1970s as a Jesus Christ-like figure on an alternate Earth.


Death and suicide are recurring themes in Jim Starlin's work: Personifications of Death appeared in his Captain Marvel series and in a fill-in story for Ghost Rider; Warlock commits suicide by killing his future self; and suicide is a theme in a story he plotted and drew for The Rampaging Hulk magazine.


Jim Starlin occasionally worked for Marvel's chief competitor DC Comics and drew stories for Legion of Super-Heroes and the "Batman" feature in Detective Comics in the late 1970s.


Jim Starlin was given the opportunity to produce a one-shot story in which to kill off a main character.


Jim Starlin wrote and drew Gilgamesh II in 1989 before returning to Marvel.


Back at Marvel, Jim Starlin began scripting a revival of the Silver Surfer series.


In 2003, Jim Starlin wrote and drew the Marvel Comics miniseries Marvel: The End.


The series starred Thanos and a multitude of Marvel characters, and subsequently, Jim Starlin was assigned an eponymous Thanos series.


Jim Starlin then worked for independent companies, creating Cosmic Guard published by Devil's Due and then Dynamite Entertainment in 2006.


Jim Starlin returned to DC and, with artist Shane Davis, wrote the miniseries Mystery in Space vol.


In 2016, Jim Starlin's drawing hand was injured in an accident, which limited him to writing stories without the opportunity to illustrate them.


In early 2020 it was announced that Jim Starlin had rehabilitated his drawing hand and would be publishing a new Dreadstar graphic novel, Dreadstar Returns, backed by a successful Kickstarter campaign.