72 Facts About Jimmy Buffett


James William Buffett was born on December 25,1946 and is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, actor and businessman.


Jimmy Buffett is best known for his music, which often portrays an "island escapism" lifestyle.


Together with his Coral Reefer Band, Jimmy Buffett has recorded hit songs including "Margaritaville" and "Come Monday".


Jimmy Buffett has a devoted base of fans known as "Parrotheads".


Jimmy Buffett is one of the world's richest musicians, with a net worth as of 2023 of $1 billion.


Jimmy Buffett was born on Christmas Day 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and spent part of his childhood in Mobile, Alabama.


Jimmy Buffett is the son of Mary Lorraine and James Delaney Buffett Jr.


Jimmy Buffett graduated from McGill Institute for Boys in 1964.


Jimmy Buffett began playing guitar during his first year at Auburn University before continuing his college years at Pearl River Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he received a bachelor's degree in history in 1969.


Jimmy Buffett is an initiate of Kappa Sigma fraternity at the University of Southern Mississippi.


Jimmy Buffett married Margie Washichek in 1969; they divorced in 1971.


Jimmy Buffett spent years working as the first mate on the yacht of industrialist Foster Talge on the Petticoat III in Key West while perfecting the "Caribbean Rock n' Roll" genre.


Jimmy Buffett owns a home in Saint Barts, a Caribbean island where he lived on and off in the early 1980s while he was part owner of the Autour de Rocher hotel and restaurant.


Jimmy Buffett spends part of the summer traveling about the East Coast on his sailboat.


An avid pilot, Jimmy Buffett owns a Dassault Falcon 900 that he often uses while on concert tour and traveling worldwide.


Jimmy Buffett has owned a Boeing Stearman, Cessna Citation, Lake Amphibian, and Grumman Albatross.


On Thursday, August 25,1994 around 3:00 pm Eastern time, Jimmy Buffett crashed his Grumman G-44 Widgeon, N1471N, while attempting to takeoff in the waters off Nantucket, Massachusetts.


The airplane nosed over, and Jimmy Buffett was able to swim to safety, sustaining only minor injuries.


Jimmy Buffett's father died May 1,2003, at the age of 83 and then his mother died four months later on September 25 at the age of 82.


In 2015, Jimmy Buffett spoke at the University of Miami's graduation ceremony and received an honorary doctorate in music.


Jimmy Buffett is a supporter of the Democratic Party and has hosted fundraisers for Democratic politicians, including one for Hillary Clinton in 2016.


Jimmy Buffett began his musical career in Nashville, Tennessee, during the late 1960s as a country artist and recorded his first album, the country-tinged folk rock record Down to Earth, in 1970.


Jimmy Buffett then moved to Key West and began establishing the easy-going beach-bum persona for which he is known.


Jimmy Buffett started out playing for drinks at the Chart Room Bar in the Pier House Motel.


Jimmy Buffett released a series of albums during the following 20 years, primarily to his devoted audience, and branched into writing and merchandising.


In 1985, Jimmy Buffett opened a "Margaritaville" retail store in Key West, and in 1987, he opened the Margaritaville Cafe.


In 1994, Jimmy Buffett dueted with Frank Sinatra on a cover of "Mack the Knife" on Sinatra's final studio album, "Duets II".


In 1997, Jimmy Buffett collaborated with novelist Herman Wouk to create a musical based on Wouk's novel, Don't Stop the Carnival.


Jimmy Buffett released an album of songs from the musical in 1998.


Jimmy Buffett partnered in a duet with the Zac Brown Band on the song "Knee Deep"; released on Brown's 2010 album You Get What You Give, it became a hit country and pop single in 2011.


In 2007, Jimmy Buffett was nominated for the CMA Event of the Year Award for his song "Hey Good Lookin'" which featured Alan Jackson and George Strait.


In 2020 Jimmy Buffett released Songs You Don't Know by Heart, a fan-curated collection of his lesser-known songs rerecorded on his collection of notable guitars.


Jimmy Buffett began calling his music "drunken Caribbean rock 'n' roll" as he says on his 1978 live album You Had To Be There.


Jimmy Buffett co-wrote two children's books, The Jolly Mon and Trouble Dolls, with his eldest daughter, Savannah Jane Jimmy Buffett.


Jimmy Buffett stated that he plans to write an in-depth autobiography when he is about 86 years old, which will be in 2032.


Jimmy Buffett is one of several popular "philosophers" whose quotations appear on the road signs of Project HIMANK in the Ladakh region of Northern India.


Jimmy Buffett wrote the soundtrack for, and co-produced and played a role in, the 2006 film Hoot, directed by Wil Shriner and based on the book by Carl Hiaasen, which focused on issues important to Jimmy Buffett, such as conservation.


Jimmy Buffett made cameo appearances as himself in Rancho Deluxe and in FM.


Jimmy Buffett made a guest appearance in the second season of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS in 2011 and returned in April 2013, March 2015, January 2017, March 2018, May 2019, and March 2020 playing Frank Bama.


Jimmy Buffett reportedly was offered a cameo role in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, but declined the offer.


In 1997, Jimmy Buffett collaborated with novelist Herman Wouk on a musical production based on Wouk's 1965 novel Don't Stop the Carnival.


Jimmy Buffett has appeared on the Sesame Street special, Elmopalooza, singing "Caribbean Amphibian" with the popular Muppet, Kermit the Frog.


Jimmy Buffett appeared in an episode of Hawaii Five-0 in November 2011.


Jimmy Buffett made a cameo in the 2015 film Jurassic World, where he is seen holding two margaritas while the dinosaurs are set loose in the park.


In 2017, Jimmy Buffett was the musical guest on the NCIS: New Orleans episode "Rogue Nation", playing the song "I Will Play for Gumbo" in Dwayne Pride's newly rebuilt bar.


Jimmy Buffett has taken advantage of his name and the fan following for his music to launch several business ventures, usually with a tropical theme.


Jimmy Buffett opened the Margaritaville Cafe in Key West, Florida, in 1987.


Jimmy Buffett has licensed Margaritaville Tequila, Margaritaville Footwear, and a Margaritaville Foods, including chips, salsa, guacamole, shrimp, chicken, and more.


Jimmy Buffett entered into a partnership with RCA Records for distribution in 2005 and 2006 for the two studio albums License To Chill and Take The Weather With You.


In 2006, Jimmy Buffett launched a cooperative project with the Anheuser-Busch brewing company to produce beer under the Margaritaville Brewing label called LandShark Lager.


Jimmy Buffett wrote new lyrics for the team to his 1979 song "Fins", which is played during Dolphins home games.


In 2016, it was announced that Jimmy Buffett had partnered with FunPlus to develop a new Margaritaville game.


In 2018, Jimmy Buffett teamed with businessman Beau Wrigley and Surterra Holdings, Inc to license "Coral Reefer" brand marijuana by summer 2019.


In 1994, Jimmy Buffett began developing a musical based on Herman Wouk's 1965 novel, Don't Stop the Carnival.


Jimmy Buffett wrote the music and lyrics and Wouk wrote the book for the show.


Jimmy Buffett refused to remove Wouk from the project and any further productions of the show were canceled.


Jimmy Buffett turned the show into an album that was released in 1998.


Jimmy Buffett is a longtime supporter of and major donor to the Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory.


On November 23,2004, Jimmy Buffett raised funds with his Surviving the Storm hurricane relief concert in Orlando, Florida, to provide relief for hurricane victims in Florida, Alabama and the Caribbean affected by the four major hurricanes that year.


Jimmy Buffett performed in Hong Kong on January 18,2008, for a concert that raised US$63,000 for the Foreign Correspondents' Club Charity Fund.


Not only did Jimmy Buffett perform for the groundlings for free, but he paid for the concertgoers' tequila and beer.


The Jamaican government acknowledged the mistake and apologized to Jimmy Buffett, who penned the song "Jamaica Mistaica" for his Banana Wind album based on the experience.


Jimmy Buffett used some words he knows he shouldn't have used.


Jimmy Buffett did not comment immediately after the incident, but discussed it on The Today Show three days later.


On October 6,2006, it was reported that Jimmy Buffett had been detained by French customs officials in Saint Tropez for allegedly carrying over 100 pills of ecstasy.


Jimmy Buffett's luggage was searched after his Dassault Falcon 900 private jet landed at Toulon-Hyeres International Airport.


Jimmy Buffett paid a fine of $300 and was released.


Jimmy Buffett released a statement that the "ecstasy" was in fact a B-vitamin supplement known as Foltx.


On January 26,2011, Jimmy Buffett was performing a concert in Australia at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion and fell off the stage after an encore.


Jimmy Buffett didn't have time to put his arms out to save himself or anything, he just dropped.


Jimmy Buffett was then transported to St Vincent's Hospital Emergency center for treatment and was discharged the next day.


Jimmy Buffett returned to Australia in 2012 for two shows in Brisbane and Melbourne, and made much fun of the incident during those shows.