30 Facts About Jimmy Garvin


Jimmy Garvin began his wrestling career in November 1968 at the age of 16 as Beau James.


Jimmy Garvin soon took the name "Gorgeous Jimmy" Garvin and was given two kayfabe brothers, Terry and Ron Garvin, whom he briefly managed.


Jimmy Garvin toured the Mid-South and Florida territories from 1978 until 1983.


In 1982, Jimmy Garvin won the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship from Sweet Brown Sugar.


Jimmy Garvin replaced Precious with his cousin, Sunshine, and joined World Class Championship Wrestling in 1983.


Jimmy Garvin claimed in a shoot interview years later with Wrestling Perspective, that the onscreen relationship with Precious had been causing problems in his marriage.


However, towards the end of the day, Jimmy Garvin drew the line at cleaning out the old horse barn and the two went at it.

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Jimmy Garvin next moved on to feud with Chris Adams.


Jimmy Garvin then fired the original Sunshine and renamed Sunshine II as "Precious".


Precious and Sunshine feuded while Jimmy Garvin traded the NWA American Heavyweight Championship with Adams.


Jimmy Garvin feuded with Brad Armstrong and was in the middle of a feud with Magnum T A when Magnum had the car wreck that would end his career.


Several faces came out to help and then Jimmy Garvin ran out and helped take him to the back.


Jimmy Garvin flew into a rage and stormed into the heel dressing room and brutally attacked Cornette and it took several wrestlers, heel and face, to pull him off of him.


Jimmy Garvin turned face and helped Ron feud with the Midnight Express.


Later that year, Jimmy Garvin had one of the most memorable feuds in his career with Ric Flair, who was eyeing Precious.


Jimmy Garvin sent her gifts and this provided a dramatic buildup for a big cage match between Flair and Jimmy during the 1987 Great American Bash stop in Greensboro, North Carolina for Flair's NWA World Title.


In 1988, Jimmy Garvin had a feud with Kevin Sullivan and his Varsity Club.


Jimmy Garvin made references to her calling her "Patti" instead of Precious, possibly referring to the past somehow.


In September 1988, Jimmy Garvin left to sell a broken leg that he had gotten from Sullivan and Mike Rotunda.


Jimmy Garvin returned to Jim Crockett Promotions, now known as World Championship Wrestling, in June 1989 minus Precious and became the newest member of the Fabulous Freebirds by winning the World Tag Team Titles with Michael Hayes at Clash of the Champions VII.


That night, Hayes and Jimmy Garvin scored victories over the Dynamic Dudes in the semifinals and the Midnight Express in the finals.


Jimmy Garvin had worked in the past with Hayes, Buddy Roberts and Terry Gordy during the height of the Freebird-Von Erichs feud in World Class, and was always considered "The fourth Freebird".


Jimmy Garvin wrestled The Barbarian in singles matches in August 1992 and began teaming with Tom Zenk.


Jimmy Garvin participated in an unaired interview segment hosted by Gene Okerlund at a television taping on October 26,1992 in Springfield, Illinois where he insulted The Ultimate Maniacs and predicted that all of the heels would win at the 1992 Survivor Series.


Jimmy Garvin did not sign with the company, and afterwards took a hiatus from pro wrestling, learning to become a commercial airline pilot.

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In February 1994, Garvin made one final appearance in WCW at SuperBrawl IV when he replaced Michael Hayes in a losing effort against Johnny B Badd.


Jimmy Garvin won the Tag Team Titles with Gordy in 1994.


Jimmy Garvin prominently appears in The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling DVD released by World Wrestling Entertainment in late 2007.


Jimmy Garvin appeared on an installment of "Legends" on WWE Classics on Demand discussing managers.


Jimmy Garvin spoke on a number of subjects, including the often contentious relationship between Sunshine, Precious and Missy Hyatt, as well as his own experiences as a manager.