7 Facts About Joe Strummer

1. In June 2013 a mural of Joe Strummer was unveiled on the corner of Portobello Road and Blenheim Crescent and attended by a number of Strummer's former friends including Mick Jones and Ray Gange.

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2. In January 2013, Joe Strummer had a plaza named in his honour in the Spanish city of Granada.

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3. In 1993, Joe Strummer began an affair with Lucinda Tait, which finally ended his relationship with Gaby Salter.

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4. In 1978, Joe Strummer started a relationship with Gaby Salter shortly after her 17th birthday.

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5. In 1989 Joe Strummer produced a solo record with the band the Latino Rockabilly War in 1989.

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6. In 1989, Joe Strummer appeared in Jim Jarmusch's film Mystery Train as a drunken, short-tempered drifter named Johnny.

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7. The name "Joe Strummer" apparently referred to his role as rhythm guitarist, in a rather self-deprecating way.

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