22 Facts About Joel Spolsky


Avram Joel Spolsky was born on 1965 and is a software engineer and writer.


Joel Spolsky is the author of Joel on Software, a blog on software development, and the creator of the project management software Trello.


Joel Spolsky was a Program Manager on the Microsoft Excel team between 1991 and 1994.


Joel Spolsky later founded Fog Creek Software in 2000 and launched the Joel on Software blog.


Joel Spolsky then moved with his family to Israel, where he attended high school and completed his military service in the Paratroopers Brigade.


Joel Spolsky was one of the founders of the kibbutz Hanaton in Lower Galilee.


Joel Spolsky started working at Microsoft in 1991 as a program manager on the Microsoft Excel team, where he designed Excel Basic and drove Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications strategy.


Joel Spolsky moved to New York City in 1995 where he worked for Viacom and Juno Online Services.


In 2005, Joel Spolsky co-produced and appeared in Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks with Geeks, a documentary documenting Fog Creek's development of Project Aardvark, a remote assistance tool.


In 2008, Joel Spolsky co-founded Stack Overflow, a question and answer community website for software developers, with Jeff Atwood.


Joel Spolsky served as CEO of the company until Prashanth Chandrasekar succeeded him in the role on October 1,2019.


In 2011, Joel Spolsky launched Trello, an online project management tool inspired by Kanban methodology.


In 2016, Joel Spolsky announced the appointment of Anil Dash as Fog Creek Software's new CEO, with Joel Spolsky continuing as Stack Overflow's CEO and as a Fog Creek Software board member.


Joel Spolsky is the author of five books, including User Interface Design for Programmers and Smart and Gets Things Done.


Joel Spolsky coined the term fix it twice for a process improvement method.


Joel Spolsky made an appearance at the WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017, stating how developers are writing the script for the future.


Joel Spolsky uses the metaphor "we are just little vegetables floating in software soup", referring to our constant use of software for the most mundane activities, including work, social networking, and even taking a cab.


In December 2019, Joel Spolsky revealed he was the chairman of an open-source simulation startup called HASH.


In 2015, Joel Spolsky announced his marriage to his husband, Jared, on social media and his blog.


The term was coined in 2001 by Joel Spolsky, who used a Yiddish joke to illustrate a certain poor programming practice: Schlemiel is to paint the dotted lines down the middle of a road.


The inefficiency to which Joel Spolsky was drawing an analogy was the poor programming practice of repeated concatenation of C-style null-terminated strings.


The problems illustrated by Joel Spolsky's example are not noticed by a programmer who is using a high-level language and has little or no understanding of how the language implementation works, including some basic knowledge of its underlying principles and functions.