28 Facts About Joey Styles


Joseph Carmine Bonsignore was born on July 14,1971 and better known by his ring name Joey Styles, is an American former professional wrestling commentator.


Joey Styles is best known for his time with ECW and WWE.


Joey Styles started selling digital advertising with WWE and is selling digital advertising full-time in New York City.


Joey Styles hoped to get an internship at Pro Wrestling Illustrated, which he eventually did.


Joey Styles got his start in professional wrestling announcing while still attending Hofstra University by working for Tony Capone's North American Wrestling Alliance.


Joey Styles is best known for his work in Extreme Championship Wrestling during its entire run, from 1993 to its 2001 bankruptcy.


Joey Styles debuted at the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 19,1993.

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Joey Styles was the sole host of ECW Hardcore TV and spent the early portion of the run as the promotion's only announcer.


Joey Styles briefly left ECW in 1994 only to return a few weeks later.


Joey Styles worked full-time in ad sales for News America Marketing, a division of News Corp in New York City.


Joey Styles signed a one night deal with World Wrestling Entertainment to call the first-ever ECW One Night Stand event, where he and Mick Foley did commentary for the show.


Joey Styles hosted and announced Hardcore Homecoming two nights earlier from the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia.


Joey Styles was brought in to fill-in for Jonathan Coachman, as Coachman had a match against Batista.


Joey Styles stated that calling WrestleMania was one of his lifelong dreams growing up.


Joey Styles learned that he would not be announcing at WrestleMania 22 when he arrived on Raw on March 27,2006.


The reason for Joey Styles not calling the event is that Vince McMahon disliked pure play-by-play announcing and wanted a "storyteller" instead.


Jim Ross had a similar problem when he first joined WWE, and Joey Styles has credited Ross for teaching him the WWE style of commentary upon his return.


However, Joey Styles was present at WrestleMania 22, losing his "WrestleMania virginity" as he put it, calling the Hardcore Match between Mick Foley and Edge.


Joey Styles remained under contract with WWE after he quit Raw; however, making his next appearance at WWE vs ECW Head-to-Head.


Joey Styles provided commentary for ECW One Night Stand 2006 on June 11 and went on to announce ECW's weekly show on Sci-Fi.


Joey Styles stated repeatedly that he had retired from announcing full-time and was thrilled to continue to work for WWE as Director of Digital Media Content.


Joey Styles was after promoted to Vice President of Digital Media Content.


In 2010, Joey Styles' announcing contract expired, but he remained with WWE as a non-contracted employee and continued to host "History of ECW" on WWE Classics On Demand TV service until it was discontinued in January 2014 because of the launch of WWE Network.


Episodes of ECW Hardcore TV which aired in syndication from 1993 to 2000 and was hosted and announced by Joey Styles are available on WWE Network along with all ECW pay-per-views.


Joey Styles continued to host the "ECW Unreleased" WWE home video series.

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Joey Styles appeared in WWE 2K16, announcing an ECW match between Steve Austin and Mikey Whipwreck in the Austin 3:16 showcase.


From September 2 to 4,2016, Joey Styles provided commentary for the Chikara promotion's 2016 King of Trios tournament.


On November 12,2016, Joey Styles took part in Evolve's Evolve 72 event.