10 Facts About John Addison


John Mervyn Addison was a British composer best known for his film scores.


John Addison's grandfather was Lieut-Colonel George Addison, who played for the Royal Engineers in the 1872 and 1874 FA Cup Finals.


John Addison was a tank officer in the Battle of Normandy and wounded at Caen, later participating in Operation Market Garden.


John Addison won an Academy Award for Best Original Score and a Grammy Award in the Best Original Score from a Motion Picture or Television Show category for the music to the 1963 film, Tom Jones.


John Addison won a BAFTA Award for A Bridge Too Far.


John Addison composed the theme music for the television series Murder, She Wrote, and won an Emmy for the 2-hour pilot episode in the Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition for a Series category.


John Addison will be remembered as the composer Alfred Hitchcock turned to when the director ended his long relationship with Bernard Herrmann over the score to his 1966 film Torn Curtain, although John Addison was not hired for any of his other films.


John Addison had a personal connection to Reach for the Sky which he scored, since Douglas Bader was his brother-in-law, having married Addison's elder sister Thelma.


John Addison collaborated with John Cranko on a revue, "Cranks" in 1956.


John Addison was survived by his wife Pamela; two sons Jonathan and Daniel; daughter Lucinda; stepson Rex Birchenough, and stepdaughter Sandra Stapleton.