31 Facts About John Beilein

1. John Beilein reflects for a long second, lowering his eyebrows.

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2. John Beilein moved to Morgantown in 2002, setting off a five-year thunderclap.

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3. John Beilein thought he'd stay at Le Moyne as long as the school let him.

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4. John Beilein won 20 games in his first season, a feat The Ayatollah never accomplished.

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5. John Beilein was raised Catholic and can rattle off local mass schedules and scouting reports on priests' homilies.

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6. John Beilein was swept up in it and Art took him to games at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium.

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7. John Beilein went to Newfane the next day and was hired as a history teacher.

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8. John Beilein is known for his Princeton offensive system, which emphasizes constant motion, passing, disciplined teamwork, and precision shooting.

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9. John Beilein has since held posts as assistant coach at Dartmouth, Director of Men's Basketball Operations at Bradley University, and head coach of West Virginia Wesleyan College before his current role at Le Moyne.

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10. John Beilein was selected for the award over Charlie Woollum of William and Mary who beat Beilein for the CAA coach of the year award.

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11. John Beilein received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history in 1975.

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12. John Beilein is the eighth of nine children of a millworker and an apple farmer.

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13. John Beilein moved on to West Virginia, where his teams reached the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament twice, and twice went to the NIT, including one championship.

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14. John Beilein turned around the school's losing program and helped it earn two National Invitation Tournament bids and one NCAA Tournament appearance in five years.

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15. John Beilein is the 16th head coach of the Michigan Wolverines.

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16. John Beilein singled out Teske as a "really good individual defender" down low.

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17. John Beilein has proven that he does not need 4-star players to win big at the University of Michigan but that certainly does not mean he will turn them down if they want to play for the Wolverines.

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18. John Beilein faces the bigger challenge of reshaping his roster, but Beilein is a master at figuring out those kinds of puzzles.

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19. John Beilein met with reporters on Tuesday afternoon to preview Michigan's rematch with Villanova on Wednesday.

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20. John Beilein thrilled that Caris LeVert injury not as serious as first thought.

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21. John Beilein was named one of five finalists for the Naismith College Coach of the Year and one of fifteen finalists for the Jim Phelan Award.

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22. John Beilein was selected as an assistant coach for the 2013 World University Games.

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23. John Beilein inherited a Big Ten Conference team that was in the final year of a scholarship reduction due to the involvement of former players in the Ed Martin scandal, in which NCAA rules had been violated.

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24. The day before the championship game, John Beilein was announced as one of three finalists for the Michigan Wolverines' head coaching job.

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25. At the end of the season, John Beilein declined an offer to coach at Rutgers.

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26. John Beilein won his fourth Coach of the Year award that season.

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27. In 1997, John Beilein moved to become the coach of the Richmond Spiders.

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28. John Beilein went on to earn a Master of Science degree in education from Niagara University in 1981.

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29. John Beilein was not pleased with Michigan's defense, or lack thereof, at Monday night's "Selfie Night" open practice and scrimmage.

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30. John Beilein is the best coach in the Big Ten, and I don't think there's much of a debate about it anymore.

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31. John Beilein hopes to connect with Chris Webber this weekend.

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