30 Facts About John Derek


John Derek appeared in such films as Knock on Any Door, All the King's Men, and Rogues of Sherwood Forest.


John Derek was born Derek Delevan Harris in Hollywood, California, on August 12,1926.


John Derek's good looks were soon noticed, and he was groomed for a movie career by both his agent Henry Willson and David O Selznick with small roles in the Selznick pictures Since You Went Away and I'll Be Seeing You.


John Derek was drafted in 1944 into the United States Army, and saw service in the Philippines during the last days of World War II.


John Derek followed it with a supporting role as the son of Broderick Crawford in All the King's Men, the Best Picture Oscar winner for its year.


John Derek was meant to follow it with The Gainesville Circus, but it was never made.


John Derek was in a crime noir, The Family Secret, then reunited with Crawford in Scandal Sheet.


John Derek was borrowed by Republic Pictures for a war film, Thunderbirds.


John Derek went back to Columbia for Prince of Pirates, a swashbuckler for Sam Katzman; two Westerns, Ambush at Tomahawk Gap, with John Hodiak and The Last Posse with Crawford.


John Derek was back with Hodiak for Mission Over Korea, a Korean War film, then was again borrowed by Republic for Sea of Lost Ships.


John Derek made another film for Republic, The Outcast, a Western.


John Derek had a showy role as John Wilkes Booth in Prince of Players at Fox, then was in a drama An Annapolis Story at Allied Artists.


In March 1954, John Derek signed a long-term contract with Paramount.


John Derek appeared as Joshua in The Ten Commandments.


John Derek wanted to make a film about Joaquin Murrieta but it was never made.


John Derek travelled to Italy to appear in Pirate of the Half Moon.


John Derek made a Western Fury at Showdown and a movie in Britain The Flesh Is Weak.


John Derek appeared with his second wife, Ursula Andress, in Nightmare in the Sun, which he co-produced.


John Derek turned to directing with a war film, Once Before I Die, with Andress.


John Derek made Love You, a hardcore pornographic film which Bo produced.


An accomplished photographer, John Derek photographed the last three of his four wives for nude spreads in Playboy magazine.


John Derek married Turkish-born prima ballerina Pati Behrs Eristoff in 1948.


John Derek abandoned his wife and family in late summer 1955 after meeting 19-year-old aspiring Swiss actress Ursula Andress, who spoke almost no English when they met.


In 1957, John Derek married Andress in a quick Las Vegas ceremony.


John Derek ejected Andress from his California home in 1964 over rumors that she had been seeing actor Ron Ely.


In September 1965, John Derek became involved with American actress Linda Evans, who at the time was starring in television's The Big Valley.


Several years into their relationship, Evans reduced her appearances on the show to spend more time with John Derek, and financed his alimony and child support payments to Behrs, as he had quit acting to pursue photography and directing.


Collins became known to the public as Bo John Derek following their marriage on June 10,1976, and achieved international fame in 1979 with her role in the Blake Edwards film 10.


John Derek suffered a heart attack in 1986, but completely recovered.


John Derek died on May 22,1998, of cardiovascular disease in Santa Maria, California at the age of 71.