10 Facts About John Hazlitt


John Hazlitt was an English artist who specialised in miniature portrait painting.

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John Hazlitt was the eldest brother of William Hazlitt – a major essayist of the English Romantic period, as well as an artist and radical social commentator – and had a significant influence on his career.

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In Boston, John Hazlitt attempted to found a drawing school with Joseph Dunkerley, but the pair failed to attract enough subscribers.

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John Hazlitt painted the portraits of Mary Lamb, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Joseph Priestley and Edward Jenner.

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When William Hazlitt first travelled to London, he lived with his brother John; and it was John who taught him the art of painting, which he would practise with some success.

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In 1815, John Hazlitt applied for an associateship at the Royal Academy, but did not receive a single vote in support.

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John Hazlitt's response was to return to the alcoholism which had blighted his career.

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John Hazlitt remained a political radical throughout his life, and held views which were even stronger than those of his brother.

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John Hazlitt possessed great conversational ability, and was distinguished for the extent of his information and versatility of his powers; but was, like his brother, of an irritable temperament.

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Some of John Hazlitt's surviving miniatures are held by Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery.

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