60 Facts About John Henry Newman

1. John Henry Newman served as curate of an Oxford parish while a fellow of Oriel College.

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2. John Henry Newman won a fellowship to Oriel College, Oxford, in 1822.

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3. John Henry Newman opened the university on 3 November 1854 to about twenty students, but eventually found it impossible to be both provost of the Birmingham Oratory and rector of the ill-attended university.

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4. John Henry Newman complied, but the condemnations issued by Anglican bishops against Tract 90 alienated him further from the Anglican Church.

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5. John Henry Newman's religiously liberal tendencies dissipated by 1828 as his admiration attached to the works of the early church fathers.

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6. John Henry Newman took holy orders in the Church of England and in 1824 was ordained deacon.

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7. John Henry Newman exercised a profound influence on the literature of the English-speaking world and on the whole Western literary community.

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8. John Henry Newman stresses the danger of oversystematizing tradition to the point where reason exceeds the positive evidence.

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9. John Henry Newman takes notice of certain cautions to be employed in interpreting the Fathers as sources of tradition.

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10. John Henry Newman felt that the whole of Scripture, in all its parts, is inspired, but not all the elements in each of these parts (totaliter sed non tota ).

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11. John Henry Newman felt the attack totally unjustified and undertook a defense of himself and the Roman clergy.

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12. John Henry Newman wrote a number of letters of explanation to newspapers under the pen name Catholicus.

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13. John Henry Newman accepted the curacy of St Clement's, which he retained until his appointment as public tutor of Oriel in 1826.

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14. John Henry Newman tried the schools examination at Oriel in 1822 and was elected a fellow at Oriel on April 12 of that year.

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15. John Henry Newman won a scholarship at the end of his first year and gained a reputation as a student.

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16. John Henry Newman entered the private boarding school at Ealing in 1808.

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17. John Henry Newman's thought reflects the nature and development of his individual personality.

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18. John Henry Newman revealed his deepest Catholic feelings in his longest poem, The Dream of Gerontius, and presented his basic philosophical ideas on the working of the human mind in his Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent (1870).

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19. John Henry Newman was ordained an Anglican priest in 1825 and was appointed vicar of the university church Saint Mary the Virgin, where he gained fame as a preacher.

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20. John Henry Newman wrote so much that his hand almost failed him.

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21. John Henry Newman eventually wrote 40 books and 21,000 letters that survive.

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22. At the age of fifteen, John Henry Newman got enrolled in Trinity College.

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23. John Henry Newman was an enthusiastic Oxford University academic as well as a priest in the church in England.

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24. John Henry Newman died in 1890, was venerated in 1991 and beatified in 2010.

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25. John Henry Newman accepted the position and became Cardinal on May 12, 1879.

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26. John Henry Newman hosted a series of lectures in the summer of 1851 that he hoped would open the doors for understanding.

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27. John Henry Newman left his post and decided to tour the Mediterranean, visiting North Africa, West Greece and Italy.

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28. John Henry Newman was a religious leader whose theological beliefs helped to change modern religious thought.

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29. At the age of 15 John Henry Newman experienced a religious "conversion" that was the foundation of his lifelong intense faith in God.

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30. John Henry Newman was born in London on Feb 21, 1801.

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31. John Henry Newman went to Rome to be ordained to the priesthood and after some uncertainties founded the Oratory at Birmingham in 1848.

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32. John Henry Newman was contending that the Church of England represented true catholicity and that the test of this catholicity lay in the teaching of the ancient and undivided church of the Fathers.

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33. John Henry Newman was beatified on 19 September 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI on a visit to the United Kingdom.

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34. In 1991, John Henry Newman was proclaimed venerable by Pope John Paul II, after a thorough examination of his life and work by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

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35. John Henry Newman cited diary entries from December 1816 in which the 15-year-old Newman wrote about the temptations awaiting him when he returned home from boarding school and met girls at Christmas parties.

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36. John Henry Newman expressed his hope, Newman wrote, that during his whole priestly life he had not committed one mortal sin.

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37. John Henry Newman had a photographic portrait of her in his room and was still corresponding with her into their eighties.

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38. John Henry Newman was a caring pastor, and their recorded reminiscences show that they held him in affection.

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39. John Henry Newman was an indefatigable walker, and as a young don at Oriel he often went out riding with Hurrell Froude and other friends.

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40. John Henry Newman maintains that English Catholic priests are at least as truthful as English Catholic laymen.

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41. When John Henry Newman died there appeared in a monthly magazine a series of very unflattering sketches by one who had lived under his roof.

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42. John Henry Newman published several books with the company, effectively saving it.

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43. John Henry Newman published a volume of lectures entitled The Idea of a University, which explained his philosophy of education.

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44. John Henry Newman requested the documents that Wiseman had used for his article in the Dublin Review but he had mislaid them.

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45. John Henry Newman decided to make their tone popular and provide cheap off-prints to those who attended.

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46. John Henry Newman took the initiative and booked the Birmingham Corn Exchange for a series of public lectures.

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47. In February 1843, John Henry Newman published, as an advertisement in the Oxford Conservative Journal, an anonymous but otherwise formal retractation of all the hard things he had said against Roman Catholicism.

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48. John Henry Newman now considered the position of Anglicans to be similar to that of the semi-Arians in the Arian controversy.

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49. John Henry Newman planned to appoint Charles Pourtales Golightly, an Oriel man, as curate at Littlemore in 1836.

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50. John Henry Newman gave courses of lectures in a side chapel of St Mary's in defence of the via media of Anglicanism between Roman Catholicism and popular Protestantism.

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51. At this date John Henry Newman became editor of the British Critic.

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52. In December 1832, John Henry Newman went with Hurrell Froude, on account of the latter's health, for a tour in Southern Europe.

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53. John Henry Newman broke with Whately in 1827 on the occasion of the re-election of Robert Peel as Member of Parliament for the university: Newman opposed Peel on personal grounds.

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54. John Henry Newman attributed much of his "mental improvement" and partial conquest of his shyness at this time to Whately.

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55. John Henry Newman was a great reader of the novels of Walter Scott, then in course of publication, and of Robert Southey.

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56. At the age of seven John Henry Newman was sent to Great Ealing School conducted by George Nicholas.

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57. John Henry Newman was born on 21 February 1801 in the City of London, the eldest of a family of three sons and three daughters.

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58. John Henry Newman was instrumental in the founding of the Catholic University of Ireland which evolved into University College Dublin, today the largest university in Ireland.

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59. John Henry Newman was quickly ordained as a priest and continued as an influential religious leader, based in Birmingham.

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60. John Henry Newman became known as a leader of, and an able polemicist for, the Oxford Movement, an influential and controversial grouping of Anglicans who wished to return to the Church of England many Catholic beliefs and liturgical rituals from before the English Reformation.

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