46 Facts About John Leguizamo


John Alberto Leguizamo Pelaez is an American actor, comedian, and film producer.

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John Leguizamo rose to fame with a co-starring role in Super Mario Bros.

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John Leguizamo has provided voice-work for Sid the Sloth in the animated film series Ice Age, as the narrator of the sitcom The Brothers Garcia, and as Bruno in Encanto .

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John Leguizamo had a recurring role on ER and was a series regular on The Kill Point.

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John Leguizamo is known for his role as Ozzy Delvecchio on Bloodline.

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John Leguizamo has been nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards, winning one in 1999 for his performance in Freak.

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John Leguizamo's father was once an aspiring film director and studied at Cinecitta, but eventually dropped out due to lack of finances.

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John Leguizamo's family is Colombian, and a DNA test found that his genetic ancestry includes European, along with Indigenous and distant African roots.

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John Leguizamo's paternal grandfather was a wealthy Colombian landowner, and his great-great-grandfather, Higinio Cualla, was Mayor of Bogota for sixteen years in the late 1800s, and was considered an important modernizer of the city.

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When John Leguizamo was a child, his family immigrated to New York City, where they lived in various neighborhoods in Queens, including Jackson Heights.

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Post-NYU, John Leguizamo enrolled at LIU Post and at HB Studio, where he took theater classes.

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John Leguizamo started out as a stand-up comic doing the New York nightclub circuit in 1984, and in 1987, he performed at The Public Theater in two shows, including as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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John Leguizamo made his television debut in 1986 with a small part in Miami Vice.

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In 1993 John Leguizamo was offered the lead part as Luigi in the film Super Mario Bros.

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John Leguizamo starred in Romeo + Juliet as Tybalt Capulet, as Violator in Spawn, Cholo in Land of the Dead, and Pestario 'Pest' Vargas in The Pest, the latter being one of his few roles as a lead actor in a studio film.

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John Leguizamo portrayed Paul in the Brad Anderson thriller film Vanishing on 7th Street.

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In 2014 John Leguizamo starred alongside Jon Favreau in Chef as the line cook Martin, a role he prepared for by working as an actual line cook at The Lion in the West Village.

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In October 2013, Leguizamo started filming for The Crash, starring alongside Frank Grillo, AnnaSophia Robb, Dianna Agron, Ed Westwick, Minnie Driver, Mary McCormack, Christopher McDonald and Maggie Q The film is directed by Aram Rappaport and produced by Hilary Shor, Atit Shah and Aaron Becker.

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In 2021, John Leguizamo provided the voice of Bruno Madrigal in the Disney animated film Encanto.

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In 1995 John Leguizamo created, produced, wrote, and starred in the 1995 Latino-oriented variety show called House of Buggin' on Fox Television.

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In 2000, John Leguizamo portrayed both Genies in Arabian Nights, a TV mini-series adaptation of the epic One Thousand and One Nights.

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John Leguizamo revealed to CraveOnline that he was not happy working on the television program.

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In 2006, John Leguizamo starred in the television pilot for Edison, a 2006 CBS drama about a Los Angeles detective who relied on impersonations and disguises to solve crimes.

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In 2010, John Leguizamo guest-starred on The Electric Company as himself, rhyming about commas and quotation marks.

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In 2012, John Leguizamo was cast as Derek Trotter in the American remake of the British BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

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In 2016, John Leguizamo played the role of Ozzy Delvecchio in the second season of the Netflix original series Bloodline.

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In 2018, John Leguizamo played undercover ATF agent Jacob Vazquez in the Paramount Network miniseries Waco.

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In 2020, John Leguizamo played Gor Koresh in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1.

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In 1991, John Leguizamo wrote and performed in the Off-Broadway production Mambo Mouth, where he played seven different characters.

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In 1993, John Leguizamo wrote and performed in Spic-O-Rama, where he made fun of the stereotyping of Latinos in the United States.

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In June 2010, John Leguizamo opened his semi-autobiographical one-man theater show, Klass Klown, based on his memoir Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, and All the Rest of My Hollywood Friends: My Life.

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In 2011, John Leguizamo received the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Solo Performance and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance for his performance in the show.

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In September 2011, John Leguizamo began an international tour of Ghetto Klown in Los Angeles.

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In January 2018, John Leguizamo was announced as the host of the 63rd Annual Obie Awards held in May 2018 at Terminal 5.

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John Leguizamo will be awarded an Honorary Degree from Marymount Manhattan College.

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John Leguizamo received Smithsonian Magazine's 2018 American Ingenuity Award in the History category.

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In late 2017, John Leguizamo sang on "Almost Like Praying", a charitable written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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John Leguizamo married actress Yelba Osorio in 1994 and divorced in 1996 after two years of marriage.

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In 2008, John Leguizamo received the Rita Moreno HOLA Award for Excellence from the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors .

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In 2018, John Leguizamo received an Honorary Degree from Marymount Manhattan College.

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In 2004, John Leguizamo was one of the celebrity supporters of Voto Latino, co-founded by Rosario Dawson.

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John Leguizamo has been heralded as a preservationist for the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.

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In 2016, John Leguizamo authored a searing op-ed in The New York Times, calling out Donald Trump's “racist rhetoric” and urging Latinos to vote.

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John Leguizamo has been an activist directly through his artistic work.

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John Leguizamo starred in the biographical drama set in 1998 about an inner-city teacher and students who compete in the US National Chess Championship.

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John Leguizamo said that he wanted to “create a universal message of hope and spread this message to the world.

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