6 Facts About John Peel

1. In 1981, John Peel was the first DJ to play a session by this band, who were fronted by Jarvis Cocker.

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2. In 1969 John Peel founded Dandelion Records so he could release the debut album by Bridget St John, which he produced.

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3. In 1979 John Peel stated: "They leave you to get on with it.

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4. In a 1990 interview, John Peel recalled his 1976 discovery of the first album by New York punk band the Ramones as a seminal event:.

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5. In his sleeve notes to the Archive Things LP John Peel calls the free-form nature of Night Ride his preferred radio format.

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6. While working for the insurance company, John Peel wrote programs for punched card entry for an IBM 1410 computer, and he got his first radio job, albeit unpaid, working for WRR (AM) in Dallas.

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