10 Facts About John Stride


John Edward Stride was an English actor best known for his television work in the 1970s.

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John Stride attended Alleyn's School, Dulwich, and trained at RADA, where he met his first wife, Virginia Stride.

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John Stride played the role of Bob, the barman, in the film Bitter Harvest, based on the trilogy 20,000 Streets Under the Sky by Patrick Hamilton.

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John Stride made his West End debut in February 1959 in Five Finger Exercise.

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John Stride appeared at the Old Vic as Romeo in Franco Zeffirelli's long-running production of Romeo and Juliet, first staged in 1960, with Judi Dench, and as Prince Hal in Henry IV, Part 1.

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John Stride appeared in two Shakespeare production during the 1970s made for the large and small screen respectively.

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John Stride played one of the main parts in the BBC's adaptation of Kingsley Amis's novel The Old Devils.

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When I proposed to Penguin Books that the tie-in paperback was re-issued with the Old Devils themselves on the front cover and John Stride on the back – because Alun was an interloper and catalyst in their world – he rang me up late at night and threatened to kill me.

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Up until that point John Stride was making the life of the production manager hell.

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John Stride died on 20 April 2018, aged 81 in a care home after being discharged from Sandford Ward, at the Fulbrook Centre, Oxford.

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