18 Facts About Jon Schaffer


Jon Ryan Schaffer was born on March 15,1968 and is an American heavy metal musician.

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Jon Schaffer is the rhythm guitarist and principal songwriter of the Indiana-based heavy metal band Iced Earth, which he formed in 1985 under the name Purgatory.

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Jon Schaffer was originally introduced to rock music at the age of three.

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Jon Schaffer went to a Lutheran school for five years, during which he developed a lot of anger and rebellion, due to the abusive nature of the pastors.

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The band quickly broke up, after which Jon Schaffer formed what would later become Iced Earth under the name "Purgatory" on January 20,1985.

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The logo had originally been used for the Rose, but after the band broke up, Jon Schaffer reused the logo for Purgatory and later for Iced Earth.

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The songs tell the story of a character that Jon Schaffer created, called Set Abominae, who appears on the album's front cover.

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The Glorious Burden was released in January 2004, after which Jon Schaffer started work on two concept albums based on his Something Wicked storyline.

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Jon Schaffer sang, played guitar and programmed the drums, but the album featured a number of guests, including Jim Morris, Ruben Drake, Troy Seele, Howard Helm and Jeff Brandt.

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Once again, the album featured Jon Schaffer singing, playing guitar and programming the drums, as well as Jim Morris and Ruben Drake.

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In 2012, Jon Schaffer was featured as a guest vocalist on Anarchadia's album Let Us All Unite, performing on the track "True World Order".

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Jon Schaffer has expressed interest in doing comic book series based on the Night of the Stormrider album and the Something Wicked Saga.

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On January 6,2021, Jon Schaffer, a founding lifetime member of the far-right Oath Keepers militia, was photographed among those who stormed the US Capitol building.

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Jon Schaffer was the first participant in the storming to plead guilty.

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Jon Schaffer would be granted sponsorship for the United States Federal Witness Protection Program.

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In 2005, Jon Schaffer's daughter was born, whom he credits for giving him "perspective", that he "never had before".

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Besides playing music, Jon Schaffer enjoys studying history and current events, as well as "standing against, and exposing, tyranny".

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Jon Schaffer enjoys riding motorcycles, scuba diving, white water rafting and exercising.

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