12 Facts About Jonathan Bird


Jonathan Bird was born on March 1,1969 and is an American photographer, cinematographer, director and television host.

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Jonathan Bird is best known for his role as the host of Jonathan Bird's Blue World, a family-friendly underwater exploration program on public television in the United States.

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Jonathan Bird worked as an electrical engineer for several years until leaving his position to pursue underwater photography full-time in 1993.

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Jonathan Bird became a freelance underwater photographer, working for magazines including Sport Diver and Skin Diver.

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Jonathan Bird is the author of 7 books and his images have appeared in top nature publications including National Geographic Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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Jonathan Bird formed Oceanic Research Group, Inc in 1991 to produce educational ocean-related materials.

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Jonathan Bird is fond of sharks as a subject matter and has made 5 films about sharks.

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In 2005, Jonathan Bird completed his first film for National Geographic Channel, called Sharks: Deep Trouble.

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Jonathan Bird cites Howard Hall as a major influence in his cinematography.

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Jonathan Bird directed the IMAX film Ancient Caves, distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films, in 2020.

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Jonathan Bird plays guitar in The Wetsuits, a rock band made up of all professional underwater photographers including Michel Gilbert, Danielle Alary, Michael Lawrence, and Paul Cater Deaton.

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Jonathan Bird is a member of the Wyland Ocean Artist Society and a 2019 inductee of the International Scuba Diving Hall of fame.

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