28 Facts About Jorge Garcia


Jorge Garcia was born on April 28,1973 and is an American actor and comedian.


Jorge Garcia first came to public attention with his performance as Hector Lopez on the television show Becker, but subsequently became best known for his portrayal of Hugo "Hurley" Reyes in the television series Lost from 2004 to 2010.


Jorge Garcia starred in the Fox television series Alcatraz and played a minor character on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Jorge Garcia starred as Jerry Ortega on Hawaii Five-0 and can be seen in the Netflix film The Ridiculous 6.


Jorge Garcia's mother, Dora Mesa, is a Cuban-born professor, and his father, Humberto Garcia, is a Chilean-born doctor.


Jorge Garcia grew up in San Juan Capistrano in Orange County, California and went to San Clemente High School.


Jorge Garcia wrestled in high school, where he was given the nickname "Baby-Faced Killer".


Jorge Garcia graduated from the University of California Los Angeles in 1995 as a Communication Studies major.


Jorge Garcia studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.


Jorge Garcia spent six years working at Borders Books and Music while auditioning.


Jorge Garcia was in a few commercials during that time.


Jorge Garcia later said that his first taste of street recognition came from starring in a Jack in the Box commercial which was aired frequently on local television.


Jorge Garcia was the first actor to be cast on Lost after the producers saw him on Curb Your Enthusiasm the night before casting began, and created the character of Hugo Reyes specifically for him.


Jorge Garcia appeared in the second episode of the eighth season of Celebrity Poker Showdown, where he lost to Michael Ian Black.


Jorge Garcia was a contestant on an episode of Russian Roulette on Game Show Network.


Jorge Garcia missed a question about the Boxer Rebellion of 1900 and fell through the trap door.


Jorge Garcia is an associate producer and star in the independent film When We Were Pirates, in which he plays Jerry, who along with a group of close friends, learns that his childhood love of playing pirates helps him overcome some of the difficulties he faces later in life.


Jorge Garcia is seen singing in the studio for the upcoming project on an officially released YouTube clip.


Jorge Garcia hosted a weekly podcast, Geronimo Jack's Beard, in which he discussed the script of Season 6.


Jorge Garcia is featured on the front cover of Weezer's album Hurley, released on September 10,2010.


Jorge Garcia performed as a guest vocalist at several Weezer concerts in 2010.


On November 21,2010, Entertainment Weekly announced that Jorge Garcia was cast in the upcoming US television series Alcatraz.


On November 22,2010, Jorge Garcia made a guest appearance on How I Met Your Mothers episode "Blitzgiving".


In 2011, Jorge Garcia appeared as a recurring character in Mr Sunshine, portraying a caretaker at the Sunshine Center.


Jorge Garcia appeared on The Nerdist podcast posted June 18,2012.


Jorge Garcia launched a biweekly podcast with co-host Ralph Apel dedicated to kaiju films titled Kaiju Podcast on November 14,2016.


In 2022, Jorge Garcia competed in season seven of The Masked Singer as "Cyclops" of Team Bad.


Jorge Garcia was eliminated alongside Jordan Mailata as "Thingamabob" of Team Cuddly.