24 Facts About Josh Rosen

1. Josh Rosen identifies himself as Jewish and even had a bar mitzvah.

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2. Josh Rosen was born in Manhattan Beach, California the US on February 10, 1997, to his mother, Liz Lippincott and his father, Charles Rosen.

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3. Josh Rosen had 1 concussion in College, he ended up not having one the 2nd time.

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4. Josh Rosen was raised in a very rich family and is spoiled.

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5. Josh Rosen is already a top-tier quarterback and Neuheisel was more there to simply show him the college way.

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6. Josh Rosen strutted onto the field at Drake Stadium like he had never left.

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7. Josh Rosen started from his high school days to exceed expectations, earning himself a spot on USA Today's High School All-American award list.

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8. Josh Rosen started playing football since his time at St John Bosco High School.

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9. Josh Rosen began playing football while he was at St John Bosco High School in Bellflower, California.

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10. Josh Rosen was perfect on the nine-play drive with passes to three different receivers while running back David Johnson rushed well against the LA defense.

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11. Josh Rosen finished 29-of-43 passing for 286 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

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12. Josh Rosen threw an interception which led to a score, pushing his TD:INT ratio to 8:10 over his last six games.

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13. Josh Rosen got off to a quick start, hitting Larry Fitzgerald for a 25-yard touchdown just minutes into the game.

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14. Josh Rosen is smart enough to know some of that will only come with time.

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15. Josh Rosen would definitely like to get his stats closer to Rodgers.

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16. Josh Rosen has a mentoring relationship with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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17. Josh Rosen has had mostly good luck at StubHub Center.

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18. On January 3, 2018, Josh Rosen announced his intentions to enter the 2018 NFL Draft.

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19. Josh Rosen missed the Cactus Bowl after doctors did not clear him to play.

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20. In 2016, Josh Rosen was injured in an October 8 loss to Arizona State Sun Devils, when he threw for a then-career high 400 yards.

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21. Josh Rosen was UCLA's best quarterback during the spring, and he continued to compete during summer camp to be the team's starting quarterback as a true freshman.

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22. Josh Rosen had a bar mitzvah and identifies as Jewish, saying in 2016: "In retrospect, being Jewish is a big reason why I should have considered UCLA.

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23. Josh Rosen threw a 9-yard touchdown pass to fellow rookie Christian.

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24. On Sunday, Josh Rosen became the youngest quarterback in the Super Bowl era to overcome a double-digit fourth-quarter deficit and lead his team to a victory.

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