5 Facts About Joshua Wong

1. On January 16, 2015, Joshua Wong was again arrested briefly on charges of having incited and called an unauthorized meeting.

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2. On 18 January 2018, Joshua Wong was sentenced by Mr Justice Andrew H C Chan of the High Court to three months' imprisonment in respect of his October 2017 conviction for contempt of court.

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3. On 13 October 2017, Joshua Wong was convicted with 19 others of contempt of court for obstructing execution of the court's order for clearance of part of the Occupy Central protest zone in Mong Kok in October 2014.

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4. In April 2016, Joshua Wong founded a new political party, Demosisto, with other Scholarism leaders including Agnes Chow, Oscar Lai and Umbrella activists, the original student activist group Scholarism having been disbanded.

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5. On 19 August 2015, Joshua Wong was formally charged by the Hong Kong Department of Justice with inciting other people to join an unlawful assembly and joining an unlawful assembly, alongside Alex Chow, the former leader of the Hong Kong Federation of Students.

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