19 Facts About Judge Jules

1. Judge Jules is a British dance music DJ, producer and entertainment attorney.

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2. Judge Jules has lived in North London for the majority of his life, now settled in the Highgate area with his wife Amanda, their son Jake and daughter Phoebe.

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3. Judge Jules appeared on Channel Five's "The Gadget Show" reviewing various DJ equipment including a remote hand held Dj-ing device known as a "pacemaker".

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4. Judge Jules contributed both as 'Judge Jules' and as 'The Dark Knight', using the anonymity of this identity to provide 'inside information' on the music scene.

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5. Judge Jules is set to play the South West Four Weekender on 28 August 2010 on Clapham Common, London.

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6. Judge Jules has an internationally syndicated radio show called "The Global Warm Up" which can be heard across the US, Russia, Europe (including RTE 2fm) and the Middle East or via Podcast.

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7. Judge Jules began his show with Radio 1 in October 1997.

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8. Judge Jules was quickly hired by the then-pirate radio station Kiss.

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9. Judge Jules was voted best DJ in the world by DJ Mag in the year 1995.

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10. Judge Jules is worried that Will is still wallowing watching as the crown's attorneys tell the judge that they need more evidence.

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11. Judge Jules has a villa in Ibiza and during the summer months he and his family split their time between there and North London.

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12. In 2008 Judge Jules has worked with designers to produce his own clothing range 'Heroes and Villains'.

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13. Judge Jules appeared on the BBC's Top of the Pops show with Paul Masterson, to perform the single "Pitchin'", off their album Hi-Gate.

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14. Judge Jules currently has a second home in Ibiza, he used to own a share in the restaurant Kazbah on the island but has since sold his interest in this.

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15. Judge Jules had a regular club night in Ibiza it started out as Judgement Sundays at Eden night club, in 2013 this became Judgement Fridays.

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16. Judge Jules is an Associate in the Music Group at the law firm Sheridans.

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17. Judge Jules has released two albums via this label, "Proven Worldwide" in 2006 and "Bring The Noise" in 2009.

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18. Judge Jules presented his last show on Radio 1 on 30 March 2012.

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19. Judge Jules was a substitute presenter for the Essential Mix, which included hosting the Benga mix in 2008.

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