16 Facts About Julie Andrews

1. In the 1970s, Edwards and Julie Andrews adopted two daughters; Amy in 1974 and Joanna in 1975.

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2. In 2017, Julie Andrews reprised her role as Marlena Gru in the second Despicable Me sequel Despicable Me 3.

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3. In 2016, Julie Andrews created the preschool television series Julie's Greenroom with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton and Judy Rothman.

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4. In February 2011, Julie Andrews received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and, with her daughter Emma, a Grammy for best spoken-word album for children, at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

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5. On 28 October 2010, Julie Andrews appeared, along with the actors who portrayed the cinematic von Trapp family members, on Oprah to commemorate the film's 45th anniversary.

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6. In January 2009, Julie Andrews was named on The Times' list of the top 10 British Actresses of all time.

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7. In 2004, Julie Andrews performed the voice of Queen Lillian in the animated blockbuster Shrek 2, reprising the role for its sequels, Shrek the Third (2007) and Shrek Forever After (2010).

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8. On 17 March 2005, Julie Andrews appeared onstage during the curtain calls for the musical of Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre in London's West End, where she gave a speech recalling her own memories from making the film and praised the cast for their new interpretation.

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9. In 2002, Julie Andrews was among the guests at the Queen's Golden Jubilee Hollywood party held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

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10. In 1970, Julie Andrews was the first choice to play the English witch Eglantine Price in Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks, with the role eventually going to Angela Lansbury.

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11. In 1966, Julie Andrews starred in Hawaii, the second highest-grossing film of its year.

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12. In 1965, Julie Andrews starred in The Sound of Music, which was the highest-grossing film of the year.

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13. In 1963, Julie Andrews began her work in the title role of Disney's musical film Mary Poppins.

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14. In 1957, Julie Andrews released her debut solo album, The Lass with the Delicate Air, which harked back to her British music hall days.

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15. In 2000, Julie Andrews was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for services to the performing arts.

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16. In 1957, Julie Andrews starred in the premiere of Rodgers and Hammerstein's written-for-television musical Cinderella, a live, network broadcast seen by over 100 million viewers.

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