10 Facts About Justin Hall


In 1994, while a student at Swarthmore College, Justin started his web-based diary Justin's Links from the Underground, which offered one of the earliest guided tours of the web.


In 1994, during a break from college Justin Hall joined HotWired, the first commercial web magazine started within Wired magazine.


Later Justin Hall would become a freelance journalist covering video games, mobile technology and internet culture.


Justin Hall published analysis from game conferences such as E3 as well as the Tokyo Game Show.


Justin Hall chronicled the first Indie Game Jam in 2002.


From late 2001 and 2003, Justin Hall was based in Japan, mostly Tokyo and Akita, authoring a guidebook Just In Tokyo.


In 2007, Justin Hall graduated from the MFA program in the USC Interactive Media Division.


Justin Hall's thesis project was an attempt to make surfing the web into a multiplayer game: PMOG, the Passively Multiplayer Online Game.


Justin Hall went on to serve as CEO of GameLayers, which raised $2 million to turn PMOG into The Nethernet, a MMO in a Firefox toolbar.


The server and client software for the Nethernet was released as open source and Justin Hall went on to publish A Story of GameLayers, "open-sourcing our business process".