37 Facts About Karen Pence

1. Karen Pence has celebrated the total number of 61 birthdays till date.

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2. Karen Pence is an excellent writer, having published essays on websites like Thought Catalog.

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3. Vice President of the United States Mike Karen Pence attended the State of the Union address on January 30, 2018, with his wife, Karen.

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4. Karen Pence is the wife of Mike Pence, the former governor of Indiana who became vice president of the United States in 2017.

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5. Karen Pence told the Indy Star that she got into art while studying at Butler, where she majored in teaching.

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6. Karen Pence has shown that to be a Second Lady of the United States is an honor and privilege.

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7. Karen Pence has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in elementary education.

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8. Karen Pence is anti-same-sex marriage and shares the same views as her husband, Mike Pence.

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9. Karen Pence has an influence on husband Mike Pence's conservative stances.

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10. Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence have a strong bond with American politics which has trickled to their children, as their first born Michael is serving in the Marine Corps.

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11. Since the inauguration, Karen Pence has placed her business on the back burner to be the support system for her husband Vice President Mike Pence.

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12. The Second Lady Karen Pence has even taken on entrepreneurship with her business of selling charms for beach towels.

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13. Karen Pence is a wife, mother, businesswoman, and public figure in American politics.

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14. The Second Lady Karen Pence is very outspoken about the importance of the arts in education and takes to Twitter to promote her initiative and paintings.

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15. Karen Pence began her political life as the First Lady of Indiana back in 2013 when her husband Mike Pence served as governor.

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16. Karen Pence has worked as an educator, teacher, and painter.

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17. Karen Pence is one of the quietest members of the administration as the wife of Vice President Mike Pence.

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18. In 2013, Karen Pence founded Indiana First Lady's Charitable Foundation whose motto is to promote education for children, local art and health.

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19. On June 1985, Karen and Mike Karen Pence married and it has already been more than 31 years.

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20. Karen Pence is traveling the country alongside Mike Pence, but she doesn't usually speak publicly as her husband seeks the vice presidency.

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21. Karen Pence thanked Ayers for his service in a tweet early Sunday evening.

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22. Karen Pence thanked Ayers for his service in a tweet early Sunday dedication to the @VP team and his efforts to advance the @POTUS agenda.

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23. Karen Pence thanked Ayers for his work as his chief of staff in a dedication to the @VP team and his efforts to advance the @POTUS agenda.

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24. Karen Pence praised his outgoing aide shortly after Ayers' announcement to advance the @POTUS agenda", the Vice President tweeted.

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25. Vice President Mike Karen Pence has touched down in Japan, where he is set to represent the US in two important summits across Asia.

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26. Karen Pence spoke after his meeting with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who greeted him with a welcome ceremony and had an orchid named after him and his wife Karen.

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27. Karen Pence says South China Sea doesn't belong to any one nation.

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28. On Tuesday, Karen Pence proudly awarded a $54,000 grant to Tsukuba University to teach art therapy.

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29. Karen Pence expands access to art therapy in Japan with $54K grant.

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30. Karen Pence has arrived in Tokyo on an overnight visit to discuss North Korea and other.

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31. Vice President Mike Karen Pence expected to take tough line on China as he heads to Asia.

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32. Karen Pence introduced an amendment that would strip federal funds Komen for the Cure tried to pull breast cancer grants from Planned Parenthood because one of its executives, Karen Handel, opposed abortion rights.

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33. Karen Pence arrives in Japan to discuss trade and North Korea.

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34. Karen Pence is known for her dedication to promoting art as a way of healing.

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35. Karen Pence became the Second Lady of the United States on January 20, 2017, succeeding Jill Biden.

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36. Karen Pence was the First Lady of Indiana during her husband's term as governor of the state from 2013 to 2017.

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37. Karen Pence was the keynote speaker at the OneSource Resource Fair and Workshop where she spoke about the important role military families play in our nation.

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