6 Facts About Karl Oyston

1. On 3 April 1999, Karl Oyston took over as chairman of Blackpool, becoming the third member of the Oyston family to occupy the role, after his father and mother, Vicki, from whom he inherited the role.

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2. On 2 February 2018, Karl Oyston rescinded his role as chairman of the football club.

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3. In May 2016, Karl Oyston won £30,000 in libel damages from Blackpool supporter Stephen Reed.

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4. In 2012, Karl Oyston was fined more than £40,000 for illegally dumping waste from the building of the new stand.

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5. In August 2010, Karl Oyston offered to stand down as chairman of the club, stating his belief that he has a different approach to the rest of the Premier League chairmen and the difficulties of dealing with top-flight players and their agents.

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6. In July 2005, Karl Oyston was elected onto the Football League board of directors as a representative of League One, and in June 2006 was elected back onto the board.

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