20 Facts About Katt Williams


Katt Williams honed his comic delivery by performing his routine in clubs nationwide, from Oklahoma to Oakland.

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Katt Williams starred in his first comedy special in 2006 entitled Katt Williams: Live: Let a Playa Play.

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In 2018, Katt Williams released a new stand-up special on Netflix, shot in Jacksonville, Florida, titled Great America.

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Katt Williams gained notoriety on Wild 'n Out, in which he appeared for several seasons.

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Katt Williams appeared in the official music video for Wild 'n Out colleague Nick Cannon's single "Gigolo" in 2003.

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In 2007, Katt Williams provided the voice of A Pimp Named Slickback in The Boondocks.

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Katt Williams plays himself as an on-stage stand-up comedian in Grand Theft Auto IV performing several routines, including an abbreviated version of one of his routines from Katt Williams: American Hustle.

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Katt Williams has appeared in several episodes of My Wife and Kids as character Bobby Shaw.

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Katt Williams was the roastmaster of the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav.

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Katt Williams has played supporting characters in films, such as First Sunday and Norbit, but is more widely recognized for his character Money Mike in Friday After Next.

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Katt Williams has used the "Money Mike" stage name when rapping for songs by such artists as Baby Bash, The Game, and Suga Free.

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In 2006 Katt Williams joined New York rapper Cam'ron's group the Diplomats, but was never signed as an official artist for the label.

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In November 2010, Katt Williams was arrested by police while working on a film in Coweta County, Georgia.

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Katt Williams was lying face down with his hands behind his back when police arrived.

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Katt Williams was additionally arrested on an outstanding warrant from Georgia.

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Katt Williams briefly joined the Nation of Islam while living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Katt Williams often wears the cross during his shows as symbol of his Christian faith.

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Katt Williams's biological son, Micah Romeo Jenkins-Williams, is an up-and-coming fashion designer based out of Los Angeles.

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Katt Williams has appeared with his father on a third season episode of Wild 'n Out, as well as the 2006 BET Awards.

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In 2007, Katt Williams was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards Choice Comedian Award.

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